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Natural Treatments for Sinusitis

For many people, sinus infections and issues are a big problem. Inflammation, infection, the flu or cold, allergies, can arise as the nose becomes congested from cold weather. Lifestyle advices, herbs, and acupuncture can keep the sinuses infection-free, clean, and clear.

Sinus conditions can either be chronic or acute. They are usually brought about by viral infections that can last for one and a half weeks. A lot of individuals who have chronic sinus infections can ail for months with symptoms such as nasal congestion, low energy, jaw and teeth pain, and headaches, among other symptoms.

Acupuncturists provide relief by using a combination of distal and local acupoints that can boost the immune system and clear the sinuses making it less likely for the infection to come back. Acupoints located on the legs and arms such as the Stomach 36 ( below the knee, leg), Lung 7 (on the wrist), Large Intestine 4 (hand), and Large Intestine 11 (elbow crease exterior), and local points such as the GV 23 (along the hairline), Stomach 2 (under the eye on the cheekbone), and Large intestine 20 (side of the nose) can widen the energy channels known as meridians that travel through the sinuses and help to physically clear the sinuses and strengthen the immune system.

An ancient Chinese herbal formula known as Bi Yan Pian which can be bought at a local Chinese pharmacy can clear the sinuses and alleviate headaches and other sinus related symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat, and red itchy eyes. This formula is made up of herbs such as chrysanthemum flower, forsythia flower, and magnolia flower which are known to help clear infection and remove heat from the sinuses.

To increase energy, improve overall health, and clear the sinuses, you can use a neti pot containing 0.5 to one teaspoonful of sea salt, and one cup of body-temperature water. Pour the solution into a nostril and allow it to flow into the sinuses and exit the other nostril. Do this until the sinuses are cleared. If you are susceptible to sinus problems, repeat the procedure once or twice a day to keep healthy.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs Used To Treat the Various Symptoms of Sinusitis

A lot of individuals suffer from chronic sinusitis. This condition can be caused by allergies or it can be a residual symptom that stays a while after a bout of flu or cold. To clear up the issue, most people take antihistamines or antibiotics; however, sinusitis is usually resistant to Western modes of treatments. Symptoms oftentimes come back after a course of conventional treatment. One of the most effective treatments for chronic sinusitis is Chinese herbs. They can resolve resistant and stubborn types of sinusitis quickly and easily.

Sinusitis caused by allergies is treated by boosting resistance to allergens while at the same time removing the blockage in the sinus and nasal passages of the affected individual. Jade Windscreen Formula, which as type of Chinese herbal formula can be used for an extended period of time to mitigate a person’s tendency to have allergies. This formula contains schizonopeta , siler, and astragalus. Schizonopeta and siler can aid in the reduction of allergic reactions such as runny nose, rashes, itchy eyes, and sneezing. Astragalus, on the other hand, helps enhance the resistance of a person to allergies. Other herbs can be used to lessen the pressure and pain and open up the blocked sinus and nasal passages brought by sinusitis. Magnolia flower, xanthium and other Chinese herbs are used for this purpose. To clear up sinus congestion myrrh can be used.

Sinusitis can also be caused by a chronic infection after a flu or cold. Herbs that possess antiviral and antibacterial qualities can help remove phlegm in this type of sinusitis. Clean Air Tea or Ching Chi Hua Tan Wan is a Chinese herbal formula that can be used to help relieve sinusitis and bronchitis symptoms. Long Dan Hsie Gan Wan is one formula that can be used as often as needed to help treat a combination of inner ear and sinus problems.

For people who are highly susceptible to chronic sinusitis, herbs that cleanse the liver and the blood can be ideal for their specific condition. These can include nettle leaves drank as tea or dandelion. These herbs are excellent for diminishing acidity and inflammation. They can normalize the immune response, whilst helping create a less friendly environment for bacterial and viral pathogens to thrive in.

There are several herbal formulas and herbs that can help to resolve acute or chronic sinusitis in a natural way.

Acupressure and acupuncture do provide great possibilities when it comes to curing sinusitis

People nowadays are more dependent on modern knowledge and technology as the basis for the kind of life they want to live. As a result, they often think that modern society can provide them all the answers to their well being and health. After all, the fantastic advancements in modern medicine have made the fight against diseases like heart attacks and cancer much more promising. Therefore, it is only natural to believe that modern medicine holds all the answers to what afflicts us. However, this is, more often not, not the case at all for a lot of life’s maladies. One huge example is sinusitis. What may even be truer is that the ancient healing methods of acupressure and acupuncture are much more effective modalities for treating sinus infections than the ones modern medicine currently offers us. A lot of former sinusitis sufferers who have tried acupuncture and/or acupressure will testify that acupressure or acupuncture cures sinusitis. Modern medicine has no known cure for sinusitis.

Acupuncture is one huge component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). What was once belittled by Western doctors is now a widely accepted medical procedure in the western world. Acupuncture has become a common form of treatment that chances are you may know someone who has tried it. This natural therapy is based on the assumption that vital energy or qi flows in the body. From a purely physical viewpoint, acupuncture is also believed to improve the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Acupuncture treatment involves the use of delicate ultra thin needles inserted along points in your body known as meridians. The needles are inserted into different parts of the body depending on the condition you are trying to resolve.

For sinusitis, a special acupuncture regimen is applied. Your acupuncturist will precisely know what parts of your body are to be treated with needles. It is important that you furnish your acupuncturist with adequate information regarding your symptoms and all other relevant information to give your acupuncturist a clear picture of your condition.

It is also important to consult and be treated by a licensed therapist. You can find one by asking your doctor or other health care provider for recommendations. You can also search online or search in the local Yellow Pages. Acupuncture is quite popular now that finding the right acupuncturist for you will not be a problem.

Providing similar therapeutic benefits is the less invasive procedure of acupressure. This therapy is very similar to acupuncture. You can perform this on yourself or by a professional.

As mentioned before, acupressure is based on the same theory as acupuncture but instead of using needles, stimulation is done using manual pressure. Your eyes is one of the most effective areas of your body where your can begin acupressure. This is an easy technique that you can do on yourself.

Begin by setting your thumbs on either side of your nose, about halfway up. Firmly apply pressure on the nostril’s cartilage. Apply pressure for about half a minute. Repeat as often as you can. One of the best things about acupressure is that it has absolutely no side effects at all.

One other acupressure technique you can try is using your left index finger and thumb to put pressure on the part next to the inner eyes on both sides of the bridge of your nose. Apply pressure to this area for about 10 seconds. This is the same to what most individuals instinctively do where they’re enduring sinus problems, which is applying pressure to parts near their eyes.

You can also solely depend on modern medical knowledge and techniques to treat problems that you may have. People often forget of the natural types of healing disciplines that were discovered centuries ago that are just as good or even more effective than several modern remedies around. Acupressure and acupuncture do provide great possibilities when it comes to curing sinusitis.