Natural Treatments for Sinusitis

For many people, sinus infections and issues are a big problem. Inflammation, infection, the flu or cold, allergies, can arise as the nose becomes congested from cold weather. Lifestyle advices, herbs, and acupuncture can keep the sinuses infection-free, clean, and clear.

Sinus conditions can either be chronic or acute. They are usually brought about by viral infections that can last for one and a half weeks. A lot of individuals who have chronic sinus infections can ail for months with symptoms such as nasal congestion, low energy, jaw and teeth pain, and headaches, among other symptoms.

Acupuncturists provide relief by using a combination of distal and local acupoints that can boost the immune system and clear the sinuses making it less likely for the infection to come back. Acupoints located on the legs and arms such as the Stomach 36 ( below the knee, leg), Lung 7 (on the wrist), Large Intestine 4 (hand), and Large Intestine 11 (elbow crease exterior), and local points such as the GV 23 (along the hairline), Stomach 2 (under the eye on the cheekbone), and Large intestine 20 (side of the nose) can widen the energy channels known as meridians that travel through the sinuses and help to physically clear the sinuses and strengthen the immune system.

An ancient Chinese herbal formula known as Bi Yan Pian which can be bought at a local Chinese pharmacy can clear the sinuses and alleviate headaches and other sinus related symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat, and red itchy eyes. This formula is made up of herbs such as chrysanthemum flower, forsythia flower, and magnolia flower which are known to help clear infection and remove heat from the sinuses.

To increase energy, improve overall health, and clear the sinuses, you can use a neti pot containing 0.5 to one teaspoonful of sea salt, and one cup of body-temperature water. Pour the solution into a nostril and allow it to flow into the sinuses and exit the other nostril. Do this until the sinuses are cleared. If you are susceptible to sinus problems, repeat the procedure once or twice a day to keep healthy.