Hyperthyroid Sufferers Can Find An Answer to Their Problem with Acupuncture

One of the oldest treatments in the world, acupuncture is thousands of years old and used as treatment for several forms of diseases, including hyperthyroidism.

A private survey showed that 90% of people suffering from hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease are seeking natural modes of healing and alternative therapies for their condition.

If you’ve been suffering from hyperthyroidism or Graves’ disease, you probably are tired of taking drugs and pills your doctor keeps on prescribing but can never cure your condition. They’ll also recommend total thyroidectomy or RAI in a lot of cases. But unless you have exhausted all other options, you should not even think about getting one.

It’s little wonder why the Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, taking only second spot to the merchants of death, the military-industrial-complex industry. It’s really shocking to see that almost all Western doctors profit by an average of 4% from every medication they prescribe. It goes without saying that there are still good honest physicians who will do their best to help their patients without exploiting them, but these doctors sadly nowadays, are rare.

Seeking alternative treatments and trying some of them have worked for many patients with hyperthyroidism and Graves. The consensus is that they bring better results than conventional Western medical treatments.

That being said, it is still important to note that if you have Graves’ disease and are currently taking medications your doctor has prescribed– never under any circumstances stop taking those medications as it may lead to an even more dangerous thyroid condition.

For speedier results, the alternative therapy discussed in this article can be used together with your current drugs.

Acupuncture Treatment for Hyperthyroid Conditions
Acupuncture for the treatment of hyperthyroidism is becoming more and more a sought after treatment as news has spread about how patients with thyroid problems are becoming better with just a few treatments. Several health organizations state that acupuncture can indeed treat several types of thyroid problems.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The Chinese were the ones who invented acupuncture more than 2,000 years ago. This Eastern form of medicine has its basis on the notion that chi or qi which is the Chinese word for life energy, circulates throughout the body through energy channels known as meridians. When this circulation is disrupted or blocked, illness results. The main tools of the acupuncturist are tiny needles no more than the width of the hair on your scalp. The needles are inserted into specific parts of the body. They are known to normalize qi circulation and bring back health and balance to the body.

A research comparing patients with thyroid conditions who were treated with acupuncture to patients who were not found showed that those treated with acupuncture treatment that focused on the kidneys had a significant reduction of their symptoms.

Hyperthyroidism can either be caused by the effects of certain drugs or a malfunction of the immune system. Acupuncture treatment, therefore, makes perfect sense for hyperthyroid problems. It helps stimulate qi regulate its flow of qi which strengthens the blood and stimulate the immune system. The treatment is a potent way to relieve hyperthyroid symptoms, even if the disorder itself is not resolved. Acupuncture is famous for relieving both acute and chronic stress, bolstering energy, lowering blood pressure helping the patient to feel relaxed; all very important benefits for people with hypothyroidism.

Acupuncture can also treat elevated blood pressure, hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations, and menstrual abnormalities associated with hyperthyroidism.

This treatment has been used by over eight million Americans for the treatment of dozens of health issues. Since 1996, the needles have been regulated the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The needles used are made of metal, solid, disposable, small and used only once in order to prevent the spread of infections. The needles’ diminutiveness generates certain sensations but not pain when they are inserted into the body.

Finding an acupuncturist who is qualified and accredited by a major acupuncture organization is very important if you want good results in the treatment of your hyperthyroid condition.

When you visit your acupuncturist for the first time, your practitioner will question you about your lifestyle, make a detailed medical history about you, and know the reason why you are seeking treatment. He/she will then do some diagnostic examinations to determine your underlying problem. You and your acupuncturist will talk about the type of treatment apt for your needs and how many required treatments you need to undergo to get well. He/she will also talk with you about the cost of the treatment.

People suffering from hyperthyroidism can find consolation in the fact that acupuncture can be a great treatment for their problem. If you visit an acupuncturist soon after your diagnosis you can undergo a treatment that will not only resolve the symptoms but address the underlying problem, as well. A good acupuncturist will not guarantee that your body will cease its excess creation of thyroid hormone; what he can assure is that you can stop from feeling so stressed about your condition, you will feel more comfortable, and that your symptoms will be reduced.