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Chinese Medicine for Curing PCOS

One of the leading and most common causes of female infertility is PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is. In the US, It’s one of the female reproductive issues that’s very difficult to treat. On average, the US has about 7.5% of women suffering from this condition.

For a lot of women, becoming a mother is a most cherished dream and nothing is more disappointing and frustrating than to know that you have PCOS that may prevent from realizing that dream. This condition can be turned about by researching about PCOS and knowing the treatments that can help cure this problem.

A 27-year-old patient, married with no children who was diagnosed with PCOS came into my clinic distraught and stressed. Her PCOS prevented her from having at least one child and raising a family. If she decides to undergo a Western medicine type of treatment for PCOS, she feared the expenses, the waiting lists and the apathetic medical staff she was forced to interact with.

Oftentimes, Western doctors are only too happy to rely on pharmaceutical medicines alone to treat women having difficulty becoming pregnant as they often are unware of the natural and alternative treatments that can be used to treat infertility. In addition they don’t even know that infertility brings emotional pain to the sufferer.  Usually, they offer no back-up plan or ignore natural remedies that have been available that have been used to treat infertility for thousands of years.

Chinese herbal medicine treatment for PCOS

Treating infertility using natural remedies have been around for hundreds of years to assist women having a hard time conceiving or getting pregnant. According to Chinese medicine, PCOS is a problem related to the kidneys. Chinese herbal remedies such as rehmannia and cinnamon recommended for treating this condition.

With regard to herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine has more than one way for addressing a problem than simply drinking herbal tea or taking herbal supplementation. Patients suffering from infertility should consult with a licensed practitioner to help address their condition in the most effective and best way.

If you have given up taking pharmaceutical medications that do not work and found little success with doctors who have a long waiting list, you he can begin realizing that there is a much better way for treating your condition. Using alternative treatments and natural remedies may be the most the best way in helping you to conceive and eventually get pregnant.

When you have decided to become pregnant, you should not let anyone or anything stand in your way.  According to doctors, a lot of women just like you have been diagnosed with infertility and have a small chance of ever becoming pregnant and eventually, a mom.  If you go online and do a little research about infertility, you’ll see that there are a lot of alternative and natural treatments that can help cure infertility and many of them have been successfully used for ages. Chinese herbal medicine is one such natural treatment. Perhaps, it is one of the most powerful cures for infertility and PCOS.

If your dream is to become a mother, you should not let PCOS or infertility deprive you of the dream. Never allow doctors to put you down with their negative assessment of your problem. Be proactive when addressing infertility. Consult with a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine and get Chinese medicine treatments for infertility and PCOS ASAP.