Proof That Acupuncture Works In The Treatment of UTI

Patients suffering from urinary tract infection (UTI) are getting more and more vulnerable to emerging pathogens that are resistant to antibiotic therapy and this is making health experts and authorities worried. The truth is that antibiotic resistance is one huge reason why UTI or urinary tract infection, especially among women, has become persistent or acute as a disease.

There are 11 million people in the United States alone who are suffering from acute cases of UTI. This has occurred even if the sales of over-the-counter antibiotics jumped eightfold ever since its sale sans a medical prescription was approved the US Food and Drug Authority.

The overuse of antibiotics for the treatment of UTI, according to health experts, has led to the ineffectiveness of these medications in treating UTI in a growing number of patients.

These days, physicians have to rely on alternative forms of treatment to battle UTI. But this comes with the condition that the medical doctor needs to be consulted first before the patient undergoes alternative form of treatment for UTI. It’s been seen that Chinese acupuncture is of the most recommended and safest forms of alternative treatment for this disease.

There already have been numerous clinical studies and medical tests done to provide evidence that acupuncture can naturally treat UTI. One study done by the University of Bergen in Norway showed how acupuncture was highly effective in treating urinary tract infection by curing 75% of the women infected with this disease in the study.

Based on the study’s conductors, acupuncture therapies were randomly administered on the patients. The procedure involved needling of the lower extremities, back, or the lower stomach. These are the normal protocols followed that were in accordance to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis. The therapies were performed two times a week for 30 days and any UTI incidence or recurrence was duly observed and recorded for about half a year.

The results were remarkable. They revealed that 73% of the patients given acupuncture got completely cured of the disease compared to just a 52% rate of cure on patients who received other forms of UTI treatment.

The researchers believe that acupuncture’s success was due to its ability to lessen the level of residue in the urine. TCM practitioners believe, however, that the improvement of chi flow in the body particularly in the lower stomach area brought about the success of the treatment.

Chi or qi is a fundamental theory in TCM and it refers to the vital elements including the life giving substances that comprise the body of a person. We can say that qi may refer to the very important or vital elements in the body including things like water and food.

The theoretical conclusion about the lessening of urine residues on patients given acupuncture treatment is seen as a huge step in the treatment of UTI through alternative modes of treatment. However, the best thing to do first before anyone suffering from UTI go for acupuncture treatment is to see their doctor first for proper advice.