Helping ADHD Patients Overcome their Condition with Acupuncture and Other Treatments

In the United States, ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed behavioral problems in children. Each year, this country alone has about 5 million children around the ages of 5 to 17 diagnosed with ADHD. Studies show that in the treatment of this condition, the most effective way involves a multidisciplinary approach involving medication, dietary modifications, exercise, and behavioral therapy. Now doctors are adding acupuncture to this list as it has been shown to be a treatment that can successfully control ADHD symptoms.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), or sometimes called ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is an issue affecting the brain that causes the sufferer difficulty in controlling impulsive behavior or concentrating.

ADHD-afflicted children often struggle concentrating or paying attention to things. They usually are frustrated with tasks, easily get bored, and can’t seem to follow directions. They likewise are impulsive, and do things first before thinking about the consequences of their actions, and often move constantly. Although these behaviors are not uncommon in normal children, they happen more often and in a much severe manner in children with ADHD. The child’s ability to function normally at home and schools is severely affected by symptoms related to ADHD.

There are also adults who suffer from this condition. They often have a hard time in setting goals, have problem in their organization skills problem, have difficulty managing their time, and have a hard time looking for employment. Worse, they may also have issues with addiction, self-esteem, and relationships.

ADHD Treatments

As mentioned before, the treatment for ADHD is multifaceted. It consists of dietary and lifestyle changes, behavioral therapy, and medicines. This condition is best handled when health and education professionals and families cooperate with each other to provide the child or adult with the tools he needs to overcome his condition. The patient needs to get over his destructive behavior, develop his personal strengths, focus his attention, and eventually become a successful and productive person. Acupuncture is a perfect addition to the treatment plan for ADHD as it can be used to treat the underlying problem, and restore balance to the body, while at the same time resolving the symptoms of ADHD.

What acupuncture can provide the ADHD patient:

-Improve concentration
-Improve mood management techniques
-Lower hyperactivity
-Lessen fidgeting
-Manage moods
-Better attention and focus

Acupuncture Treatment for Children

Acupuncture is a powerful form of treatment for children and most of them respond very well to it. In treating children with acupuncture, comfort is of paramount importance. Treatments tend to be shorter than in adults and instead of needles to stimulate their acupuncture points, other tools are used to produce the same therapeutic effects as needles do.

Needle-free acupuncture procedures may involve the use of blunt probes, roller, or brushes, and acupuncture points may be stimulated by pressing, tapping, rubbing, or stroking them.

Traditional Chinese medicine is useful for the treatment of these common childhood conditions:

-Hives and eczema
-Colds and cough
-Asthma, allergies
-Night terrors
-Diarrhea, constipation, GERD, and indigestion
-Temper tantrums, excessive night crying, colic
-Weak constitution
-Failure to thrive syndrome