Chinese Herbs Are The Best Treatment Choices For Psoriasis

A common skin condition, psoriasis occurs when cells quickly develop creating thick “plaques” on the elbows and other parts of the body. The plaques are usually enveloped with silvery scales. As a dermatology specialist and holistic practitioner, it is my belief that psoriasis can best be treated with Chinese herbs. Here are some reasons why I think Chinese herbs are the best treatment choice for psoriasis:

1. Chinese herbs are safe – If you have paid attention to TV ads for psoriasis drugs, you would notice a litany of side effects that can happen when you use them. Some of those effects can be scary, to say the least. These side effects have, in fact, been experienced by a lot of my patients and some of these side effects have been severe.

On the other hand Chinese herbal treatments have none, or at least, very few side effects. You may experience loose stools or stomach discomfort. And such mild symptoms don’t even last too long.

However, this is not say that “natural” and “herbal” will always translate to a safe treatment. If taken or used improperly, anything strong enough to heal you can also be harmful to you. It is important that the herbalist treating you has experience treating psoriasis and that the herbs he/she is using was purchased from a reputable Chinese drug store or pharmacy. You can ask the herbalist if the herbs do not have any fungicide or pesticide restudies or if they have been tested for quality. The quality of the herb is definitely something worth paying close attention to.

2. Treatment is customized – Treatment is often based on the magnitude of the psoriasis condition in western medicine. The more severe the condition is the stronger the medication will be prescribed. However, the seriousness of your psoriasis is just one among many factors taken into account In Chinese herbal medicine. This type of medicine is holistic in nature and therefore herbalists will look at your entire health profile. For them, important factors can include the appearance of the lesions, their itchiness, the parts of your body affected, your digestion, your appearance (do you look tired and old or vibrant or young?), and other factors involved such as stress, diet, smoking, or drinking.

Chinese medicine can identify the underlying patterns of imbalance of the psoriasis by observing the whole health picture of the patient. These patterns are specifically addressed by a specific customized herbal therapy, as these patterns evolve so too does the herbal treatment.

3. Herbs can be for topical and internal use – Psoriasis is manifested in the skin although it’s an autoimmune condition whose cause is really found within the body. To target the root of the condition, herbs taken internally are used. To treat the symptoms arising in the affected regions of the skin topical applications of herbal oils, salves, or creams are used. The most effective way to promote healing and attain longstanding results is by using a combo of topical and internal therapies.

4. Your internal imbalances can be addressed by a Chinese medicine practitioner. The appearance of your skin can tell a practitioner a lot about what is going on inside your body. Scarlet red lesions, for example may require certain types of herbs than lesions that are purplish in color. Different herbs may be necessary for white flaky scaling than those for thick yellow-brown scale. Specific herbs may be required for plaques on the knees and elbows than plaques on the scalp or in the armpits. Based on the appearance of your skin alone, an herbal dermatology specialist can identify the imbalances within your body.

Bear in mind that a lot of homeopaths, naturopaths, and herbalists are not experienced in the treatment of skin conditions. It’s very rare to find a holistic practitioner who has some kind of dermatology training. So, make sure you see a specialist regardless of how you choose to treat psoriasis. This specialist can spot the unique distinctions on your skin and know what to do about them.

Chinese herbs won’t work for everyone and there is no known cure for psoriases. Most of my clients experience striking outcomes with diligent treatment. The skin clears wholly with no further relapse for a lot of them. Hence, there exists a real great way treat your psoriasis without using potentially harmful medications.