How Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Completely Cure Acne

Every type of acne basically starts with one basic lesion: the comedo. This is a hair follicle that has been enlarged and filled with bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil. Chinese medicine typically views acne as the result of the environmental force of heat. In Chinese medicine, acne is termed “lesion of the lung wind” or “fei feng fen hsi.”

According to Chinese medicine, the skin is intimately associated with the lung organ. It relies on the lungs to furnish the “essential substances of grains and water.” In turn, the skin can affect the normal process of respiration, as can be evidenced when cold and evil wind (feng) gain access into the body via the sweat-pores.

Basically, Chinese medicine classifies acne into three types: the phlegm-accumulation type, the toxic-heat type, and the blood-heat type. The primary signs and symptoms of the phlegm-accumulation type are: a slippery pulse, a tongue with greasy and white coating, and cystic and indurative acne. For the toxic heat type, the foremost signs and symptoms are: a rapid pulse, red tongue with yellow coating, furuncles and abscesses on the face, acne, scattered inflammatory nodules and malar flush. The primary signs and symptoms of the blood-heat-type are: a rapid pulse, tongue with reddish tip and yellow and thin coating, and acnes, tubercules, and red papules with inflammatory infiltration around them, accompanied by a burning sensation.

Specific Chinese herbs can cure acne when given at the earliest stages of the disease. A Chinese herbal formula known as the Acne Formula is made up of two parts: preparation and prescription of ingredients. According to the prescription, preparations refer to the types of herbs prepared. They may include pillets, jelly, powder, pills, soup, etc. Through the application of a well prepared treatment plan, acne can be completely cured.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Resolve the Symptoms and Underlying Causes of Arthritis and Bursitis

The pain generated by arthritis and bursitis often feels the same. In arthritis, the joints all over the body are affected resulting in stiffness, swelling, and pain. With bursitis, the bursa or fluid-filled sac inside the joint is inflamed. The sac is meant to help cushion the joint, but when the area is inflamed, movement becomes painful. Bursitis often arises in the areas of the elbow, knee, hip or shoulder. Both arthritis and bursitis sufferers have experienced pain alleviation through acupuncture. This treatment may also reduce the associated inflammation and swelling of both conditions.

Reliever of Pain

Needles are the main tools of an acupuncturist. They are applied to the injured part of the body to stimulate the healing mechanisms of energy. They can be stuck in other parts of the body as well to activate the flow of energy. According to acupuncturists, this method leads to a significant reduction of the pain due to the needles’ ability to deactivate the area of the brain that governs pain. Certain pressure points are needled to amplify the flow of vital energy along the energy channels , known as meridians.


Acupuncturists and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine often combine the use of herbal preparations with acupuncture for the treatment of bursitis and arthritis. According to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, evening primrose oil, white willow, and turmeric are some of the more important herbs, used along with acupuncture that can really help reduce swelling and inflammation.

A Very Safe Procedure

According to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), acupuncture treatment or even a placebo effect can pain brought about by osteoarthritis of the knee, be relieved. Early clinical trials revealed that patients felt a reduction in pain with acupuncture than those who were treated with conventional remedies. It has also been shown, however, that when the wrong points are inserted with needles or if no needles have been inserted, the patients still experienced pain relief. The ACR notes that this medical phenomenon is known as the placebo effect. Acupuncture is widely known as a very safe treatment for arthritis. According to the NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine), in certain reviews, acupuncture has been proven to enhance function; some studies however, are not yet definite about this conclusion.

Acupuncture Helps Restore Function

With the appropriate treatment, bursitis may go away within a few weeks, although possible flare ups can still recur. Instead of being treated with anti-inflammatory injections or medications, patients can opt for safer and more effective acupuncture treatments. Treating bursitis by means of acupuncture leads to a reduction in pain and in the restoration of function to the joint. As with any acupuncture treatment, the objective of acupuncture arthritis or bursitis treatment is to address the underlying energy imbalance in the body that have caused the condition as well as the treatment of their symptoms.

Joint Pain

The NCCAM states that joint pain is the second most popular reason for using acupuncture; the first reason is back pain. Before anyone undergoes treatment, they should discuss their problem with the acupuncturist. After that, patients may need to go through several sessions of acupuncture treatment. They may also need to follow herbal and dietary advice along with the acupuncture treatment.

Think of Acupuncture First When You Plan to Eradicate Bodily Pain

Like it or not, bodily pain will be experienced by every person at some point in their life. Whether it’s from a serious health condition, a sports injury, or from gardening, your next plan of action can mean a significant reduction of your pain and a faster length of recovery.

In the case of back pain, for example, around 83% of people will suffer from back pain at some point. The question is, has anyone ever considered acupuncture as treatment?

A lot of individuals are just contented to learn to deal with the pain or mask it with prescription pain killers or over-the-counter drugs such as analgesics or ibuprofen. From time to time, these drugs can qualitatively quell acute pain; over time however, negative side effects or addiction can develop.

Only as a last resort do people consider acupuncture. At the end of the day, they are still living in pain despite having had cortisone shots, an abundance of medications, physical therapy, MRI, and even surgery.

When you start to realize that you don’t have to live in pain, that’s when your real treatment for bodily pain really begins.

Looking for help from medical professionals that can treat you is your next step of action. This means searching for and visiting a reputable and qualified acupuncturist preferably one practicing near your location. These health professionals can determine if MRIs are needed, perform exams, and address the underlying cause of the problem instead of metaphorically covering the symptoms with a band-aid.

From your acupuncturist, certain acupoints are inserted with needles and small dietary changes need to be done in order for you to enjoy life free of pain. Did you know that the inflammatory response in your body is increased and your immune system is suppressed by eating a high amount of sugar? More inflammation means more pain!

Moreover, more stress is created in your body when you suffer from bodily pain and stress actually creates more pain. With acupuncture this vicious cycle is immediately stopped as this treatment can help you get longer and high quality sleep, remove inflammation, and reduce stress –things the body needs in order to reduce pain.

So then, think of acupuncture first in your next plan of action to eradicate bodily pain.

Acupuncture is The Right Way To Go For Controlling or Managing Chronic Pain

No one really knows how acupuncture works but it works, nonetheless. Actually, a lot of the so-called natural alternative treatments, Western medical science has a hard time explaining how and why they work in treating a wide range of health problems

In the United States, there are more than 12,000 acupuncturists certified and licensed by the NCCAOM (National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), with around 34% of them medical doctors.

The NCCAOM reports that more people availed themselves of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine)than Western conventional treatments.Their statistics show that 388 million visited family doctors while around 430 million opted for 425 million visits to CAM treatments.

The Ruhr University Bochum conducted a study led by Dr. Heinz Endres that compared the effects of acupuncture, Western medicine and placebo on more than a thousand participants who were all suffering from low back pain. The patients were divided into three groups. One group was given placebo comprised of injection of a saline solution of water or oral intake of sugar pills). The second group was treated with Western modes of treatment including injections, drugs, etc. The last group was administered with acupuncture treatment.

The researchers were attempting to manage extreme lower back pain. The outcomes were published in the Archives of Internal Medicine on its September 24 2007 issue.

At the end of the study,Dr. Endresstated that the magnitude of the pain of the patients was not only alleviated, they also experienced improvements in disability that usually accompanies backpain. This means there was an improvement in the quality of life of the patients.

In the group treated with acupuncture, 47% of the patients showed qualitative betterment in pain symptoms six months after the end of the study, compared to just 27% of the patients treated with conventional Western medicine including massage or heat therapy, injections, and painkillers. This is almost twice rate of success of doctors, right?

There are researchers who believe that acupuncture’s secret les in its ability to disrupt pain messages processed by the brain, by providing competing stimuli. An insertion of a needle may seem to be the competing stimuli that affect the back pain signals from creating a feedback loop.

Some researchers believe that the painless twisting of the needles releases in the body, its own feel-good chemicals like endomorphins,enkephalins, and endorphins that remove pain both in the mind and body.

Placebo is a fake treatment or sham procedure and may be in the form of an inactive injection or pill in order to test the effects of another treatment or substance. Placebo can also include the interaction betweenthe doctor and patient and how the beliefs and expectations of the patient can result in positive mental and bodily effects.

In the above mentioned study, the needles were not stuck at the depth(under the skin) needed for effective treatment, or inserted into certain meridian pointsin order to balance the body’s energy flow.

One common mistake that occurs during an acupuncture procedure is when the needles are not manipulated which should be the appropriate protocol for a truly effective acupuncture treatment. And long before the benefits of Western medical treatment has dissipated, the effects of acupuncture can linger on for a very long time

These Complaints Are Treated with Acupuncture

Acupuncturists often hear and treat patients suffering from various types of conditions including sinus discomfort, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, and migraine headaches. Some patients even report of prostate symptoms improving with acupuncture. Acupuncture may be considered placebo by a lot of skeptics, the pain, however, is usually completely eliminated
The sister treatment of acupuncture is acupressure,which involves the application of manual pressure, instead of needles into the acupoints in order to heal a condition. Ancient Chinese healers began practicing acupressure more than 2,000 years ago. They were able to create charts showing the location of the 2,000 acupointson the body. They also showed that the body has 12 main energy channels (meridians) and eight secondary meridians.

The meridians are vessels where the bioelectrical energy in the body known as Qi flows. This flow needs to be in balance for the body to enjoy mental and physical health. It gets better – the unbalanced (impaired) or tired Qi are moved by the needles to help rectify the compatible ratio of Yin and Yang.

While Yin balances the negative energy forces, Yang claims to manage the positive energy of the body and mind. The proper balance of yin and yang is allegedly based on the continuous flow of oxygen and blood and immune systems such as B cells (Bone Marrow), T cells (Thymus) ,and the Natural Killer cells (leukocytes).

Scientists still do not know or understand how the painless pricking of tiny needles leads to the healing of a condition. But then again,these people who can send astronauts into space are still unaware of the site or basis of human consciousness even in 2015.

Doctors in America first got to know about acupuncture when James Reston, a New York Times reporterin 1971 reported his experience with the procedure in China. He witnessed the use of acupuncture needles to quell postsurgical stomach pain in China.

After the publishing of that article a later Gallup poll in 1971 showed 97% of US doctors were highly skeptical of acupuncture and deemed it to be a form of witchcraft. A question in the poll asked whether the physician ever experienced or heard of acupuncture. The poll results show that an astonishing 98.8% never even heard the name of acupuncture in 1971.

These days, the National Institute of Health (NIH) endorses acupuncture as a valid medical technique. Now, for practicing US doctors, it is a highly recommendedform of complementary treatment.

The fact is, the NIH states that acupuncture lessens the side effects of highly toxic medications and helps relieve lower back pain. But does the medical community, in general,recommend it or use it/ NO.

Mu Opioid Receptors

During pain, the brain manufactures and releases an internal opium known as opioid. An opiate is a synthetic narcotic that occurs naturally and it resembles morphine or opium. It attaches itself to the opiate receptor on a neuron surface in order to relieve pain.

There are three forms of opioid receptors: Delta, Kappa, and Mu and they all help relieve pain. They are found in your brain, specifically, in the hypothalamus, thalamus, and cerebral cortex. They generate a painkilling effect when activated, to help manage mental and physical pain.

And Get This

The activity of your Mu Opioid Receptor results in a connection between Nocebos, Placebos, and hypnosis. Herbert Benson, M.D., a researcher from Harvard suggests that the benefits produced by meditation (enhancing your immune systems) may be due to the release of the opioids of the brain.

Also, you can activate your opioids with your own free will through various strategies. If you can meditate and relax each day for a few minutes, you can easily manage chronic pain.

More than 84% of Americans will experience lower back pain, and later in life, may experience other permanent or temporary degenerative pain including arthritis and bursitis. If you want a drug-free way to manage pain, acupuncture is the right way to go.

Studies have indicated that hypnosis can be used to activate the Mu Opioid Receptors. According to the AMA (American Medical Association), hypnosis is a recognized medical therapy that can accelerate the healing of the body and the relief of pain.

Hypnosis is still being ridiculed by some physicians, who also happen to distrust acupuncture. When it comes to treatment of your body and mind, one must do research and exercise discretion about who to believe.

Biofeedback Therapy, an Excellent Treatment for Anxiety, Migraines, and Other Common and Not-So Common Conditions.

Making use of the mind to help regulate bodily functions, Biofeedback therapy sometimes entails the use of techniques such as SCENAR and other biofeedback machines. This therapy is a non-invasive and painless procedure.

Your biofeedback therapist connects sensors to your body and then closely monitors your bodily responses. The procedure itself is very relaxing and after treatment most patients end up feeling mentally, psychologically, and physically better than when they first entered the therapist’s office. Biofeedback therapy in New York City has a large number of clients of various backgrounds who come to the clinic for treatment of different kinds physical or mental illnesses.

What is Biofeedback Therapy? What is Its History?

The name may sound modern but in truth, Biofeedback has been around for thousands of years and has been used in a number of treatments during those times. One of the earliest forms of biofeedback therapy is yoga where experienced practitioners teach breathing techniques to help control their client’s physiological processes. After the Biofeedback Research Society was founded in 1969, studies immediately commenced testing the efficacy of biofeedback for biological functions such as stress, anxiety, relaxation among many others. Biofeedback is a method that advices and teaches patients to use their minds to enhance health and performance. Essentially, biofeedback conditions your mind to modify bodily responses in order for the body to heal itself, relieve daily stress, and alleviate pain. This method is taught by practitioners during biofeedback therapy sessions. And normally, the more you practice it and the more therapy sessions you attend, the faster and more easily the health benefits you will derive.

Control the Involuntary Responses of Your Body with Biofeedback Therapy

Our body performs involuntary reactions due to threatening or fearful situations, or when we are under severe stress or anxiety. Our heart beats faster and our blood pressure shoots up. Extreme emotions such as sadness, happiness, nervousness, excitement, fright or scare cause these physiological responses to occur. In New York and elsewhere, these reactions can be controlled through biofeedback therapy, which uses guided techniques on how to use your mind in order to control those responses.

Expectations During Biofeedback Therapy In New York City

At the start of the therapy, NYC biofeedback practitioners attach sensors to various areas of your body. Used only for monitoring bodily responses these sensors can neither stimulate nor shock you in any way. They provide the therapist with information about your skin temperature, muscle tension, and your brain waves. Flashing lights or beeping sounds are set off on certain readings during the therapy which may provide you the feedback that you need to modify your body’s response which may mean a change in your behavior, thoughts, and emotions. A typical Biofeedback session may last for half an hour to an hour or more. Your therapist will usually recommend more than one treatment. As you progress, this can make it much easier for you to control the physical parts of your body through the power of your brain.

Anxiety and Biofeedback Therapy

New Yorkers live in a highly stressful and fast paced life. With biofeedback therapy we can learn to control anxiety and remove stress. Our temperature and heart beat rise when we are highly anxious. Our body physically and automatically responds which may mean a rise in body temperature, and heart rate. Anxiety Biofeedback treatment may aid you in managing situations and thoughts that generated your anxiety leading to a physiological response. Some biofeedback techniques such as guided visualization and deep breathing can be used for anxiety treatment.

Migraine Biofeedback Therapy

Scientific studies performed as far back as the 1980’s show that Migraine Biofeedback Therapy has been proven to work for migraines. These types of headaches can be so severe and debilitating and unfortunately is experienced by a lot of people on a regular basis. Biofeedback can cut the duration, magnitude, and frequency of the migraines. Scientists opine that biofeedback is effective for people with migraines because this treatment improves the vascular system of the body in order to normalize body temperature and circulation. Biofeedback therapy can teach you how to decrease the frequency and severity of migraines as well as manage them.

Biofeedback Therapy Can Be Used for Other Health Conditions

For a lot of people biofeedback is a truly powerful treatment more so when multiple sessions are completed under the skilled supervision of a professional therapist. And besides anxiety and migraines, biofeedback can also effectively be an ideal treatment for various forms of conditions including stress, sleeping difficulty, asthma, hypertension, chronic pain, and chemotherapy side effects. Biofeedback therapy in New York is attracting more and more clients each day and is the home of experienced and highly skilled professional therapists. It is now being integrated as a complementary heart health and cancer treatment in some hospitals.

Biofeedback Therapy is Extremely Safe and Effective

We can safely say that Biofeedback therapy in New York is both effective and safe especially when a patient is under the guidance of a professional biofeedback therapist. Both biofeedback therapy for anxiety and biofeedback therapy for migraines involve the attachment of sensors into certain parts of the body and the monitoring of information. This approach provides you with the audiovisual stimulus you need to modify and normalize your body and its physiological reactions. One of the advantages of Biofeedback is its non-invasiveness. There are people who have had a lot of practice and are better able to manage certain conditions than other conditions. There have been some who discovered that they are able to lessen or stop altogether their intake of prescription drugs after multiple treatments under the supervision of a professional biofeedback therapist. Biofeedback can also be an excellent complementary therapy for people who are sensitive or allergic to prescription meds that they need to take for their conditions.

If you are into alternative noninvasive therapies, then biofeedback therapy in New York is a really good treatment highly recommended for you. It is 100% painless and it gives you the ability to learn how to control specific physiological functions including blood pressure, heart rate, temperatures, and the reaction of the body to pain by the use of your mind. You will be guided by a professional biofeedback therapist in New York City on how to use your mind to control involuntary body responses leading to pain, anxiety, and stress relief. Biofeedback is a complementary type of treatment deemed effective and safe which gives your mind the power to heal your body.

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Fast, Accurate And Very Safe, Thermography Cancer Detection Is A Procedure that Takes Out The Invasiveness and Risks Associated With Mammograms

We provide an early detection of breast cancer with our thermography cancer detection procedure, This procedure is usually able to identify a cancer years earlier than mammography can. Oftentimes, diagnostic tests are unable to detect a tumor since these tumors can grow gradually in size and diagnostics is only able to observe tumor decades after it has become too big and obvious for diagnostics to miss it.

The capacity of thermography to diagnose cancer at its earliest onset is one this diagnostic procedure’s best and mot important advantages over mammography since it them makes it easer to completely cure the cancer. Another advantage of thermography is that the person does not have to undergo invasive x-ray testing. Also, mammography is oftentimes usually very ineffective when it comes to thick breast tissue. Thermography does not have this handicap.

Issues with Mammography

Is mammography an efficient way of locating tumors? Well, for certain critics, the answer to that is no. In a Swedish study, 77% of 60,000 women participants came up with false positive tumors. Besides getting false positive results, the study resulted in emotional and financial anxiety in some of the patients and far too many invasive needless biopsies that are not really needed. After biopsy, 70-80% of mammograms turn out negative for cancer.
Another disadvantage of having mammograms is that it also tends to have a high number of missed tumors or false negatives. In his book, The Politics of Cancer, Samuel S. Epstein, states that in a fourth of cancer cases for 40 to 49 year old females, cancer does not show up on a mammogram. The NCI (National Cancer Institute) estimates that women with ages 40 to 49 will show a false negative of 40%. This is a lot higher than the statistic coming from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) which shows that 10% of malignant tumor cases are not detected in mammograms of 50-plus year old women. Studies reveal that the breast tissue in younger women is denser than their older counterparts which make it quite difficult to detect tumors. This is why false negatives are twice as likely to happen with mammograms in pre-menopause.
Mammogram Radiation Has Certain Risks

Mammography critics cite the dangerous radiation that can adversely affect your health.
The year 1976 saw the controversy over mammography and radiation come to a head.
Before, an incredulous five to ten radiation doses for each screening was used in mammographic technology; today only one radiation dose is used. Current NCI manager, Dr. Frank Rauscher, says that women ages 35to 50 are at high risk of developing breast cancer and every radiation they are exposed to only raises the certainty.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock states that the risk of developing breast cancer dramatically increases when you undergo breast exams though radiology. By year 2025, this risk will rise by 20%. Females during the 60s and 70s, especially those who undergo 10 tests a year, were not told of the dangers of radiation exposure. In 1976, at the height of the radiation controversy, Kodak, the company that created the film used for mammography, paid whole page ads in science magazines under the discussion “About breast cancer and X-rays: A message of hope from the business about a serious subject.”

These days, even when we now about the dangers of radiation and now have at our disposal, safer technologies, scientists still continue to remind us that undergoing mammography is dangerous to the health. An expert on the dangers of ionizing radiation, John W. Gofman, M.D, believes that by limiting the radiation experience, about 75 breast cancer cases can be prevented. This includes radiation from dental and extra-medical tests, x-ray, and mammography.

The development of a type of breast cancer known as DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) began and rose by 328% as soon as mammographic tests were introduced. Around 200% of the reason of this increase is believed to be due to mammography. Because of the frequency of squeezing a female’s breast during mammography, this procedure can also contribute to the progression of cancer cells previously existing in the body. It is the belief of some health professionals that this frequent squeezing causes cancer cells that are already in the body to spread to the breast tissue.

A gene discovered during cancer studies, the Oncogene AC is extremely sensitive to doses of radiation, even with the tiniest of doses. This gene exists in some American women making them at high risk of developing mammography-associated cancer. Doctors predict that mammography will lead to the death of 10,000 of women who are A-T carriers.

Younger women are especially at risk from the dangers of radiation. This was proven by the NCI from statistics that showed females younger than 35 years old women who undergo mammography can lead to 75 breast cancer conditions for every 15 the procedure diagnoses. A study done in Canada revealed a 52% increase in breast cancer deaths among young women who underwent mammograms each year. Even the fetus can be severely harmed by this procedure. Samuel Epstein, M.D., says that when they are exposed to radiation, fetus in pregnant women can be severely harmed. He advocates avoiding mammography during pregnancy because of the likelihood of birth defects and leukemia to the fetus. Other studies also reveal that children exposed to radiation have a higher likelihood of having breast cancer during adulthood.

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With thermography, you could have a very early warning to breast cancer which thereby makes the cancer very easy to cure. This very early warning means that your cancer can be detected five years earlier than mammography can. Do not take chances being exposed to dangerous radiation and patiently enduring the extremely painful squeezing done during a mammogram procedure.

You can have a FREE Initial Exam when you call us to schedule an appointment. We will tell you all what you need to know about thermography (Medical Computerized Thermal Volumetric Tomographic Imaging) and how it can diagnose cancer cells even when they are just beginning to develop.

Avoid the invasiveness of x-rays and its dangers as well as mammograms that can lead to cancer aside from the painful squeezing associated with this procedure. Thermography has the advantage of being very effective even when dealing with thick tissue which the same cannot be said for mammography, which is rarely effective when dealing thick breast tissue.

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The information on this website ( is for learning and educational purposes only. It is not designed or intended to be used for diagnosing a health problem or disease. This information should not be used as health care advice and it is no way a substitute for professional health care. If you have or suspect you have a health problem you should consult a health care provider.

Some Helpful Tips To Strengthen Digestive Fire and Digestion

Digestion, in Chinese medicine, is vital for good health and immunity. We should remember that it’s just not the kinds of food we eat, but what we digest that matters for well-being. Imagine, for a moment, that your stomach is a boiling kettle generating heat from below in order to breakdown food to absorb all the essential nutrients from the food. The intensity of the fire strength determines how well this metabolic process functions. A weak digestive fire will not be able to fully derive the full benefits that we need from food. Moreover, in Chinese medicine, metabolic waste in the form of phlegm or dampness can arise due to incomplete or poor digestion.

Here are some helpful tips to consider:

• Organic, fresh steamed or lightly cooked vegetables are recommended to improve digestive fire. Animal based proteins such as lean meat and legumes should be thoroughly cooked in soups or stews. You also can consider adequate amounts of whole grains for fiber. These include oats, millet, quinoa or brown rice.

• Eliminate or at least limit intake of known allergic-causing and hard-to-digest foods. They can include wheat products, sweeteners, dairy products, and refined oils and sugars. It may take a bit of searching and adjustments to discover and get used to eating really good alternatives seeing that the above foods are what actually comprise the standard American diet. Sources for good and healthy sugars include raw natural can juice sugar, maple syrup in small amounts, barley malt extract, rice syrup, and Stevia extract, that you can purchase in your local health food stores. Instead of wheat products, try brown rice pasta, corn, millet, oats, rice cakes, or rye bread. Instead of dairy products, try sheep or goat cheese and dairy, almond milk, rice milk, and organic soy.

• Do not take late night meals and do not over eat. Eat until you’re about 67% full. You may feel sluggish or sleepy if you eat beyond this point. The digestive is at its weakest point at this time according to Chinese Medicine. Your last meal should be three hours before you sleep.

• In winter, it’s recommended that you not eat raw foods. The reason for this is that raw food is very cooling and can extinguish the digestive fire when it’s eaten in huge amounts in winter. To preserve the natural enzymes, cook or lightly steam your veggies. The foods easiest to digest are the ones served as soups, gruels, and stews.

• Prior to and after eating, tune into how you are feeling. Doing so can help make you become more aware of the right food choices. When you do this on a regular basis, it will eventually develop in you a natural craving for foods that make you truly nourished. Food choices are usually dictated by your subconscious which often seeks food for gratification rather than for nourishment.

• When it’s time to eat, focus only on eating and do not get distracted by other factors such as arguments, work, or TV. Enjoy the company you are with and on your eating.

Some important notes to add: During meal times, keep proteins separate from fruits and sugar. The harder it will be to digest your meal when it’s more complex and loaded with various kinds of proteins and ingredients. Emphasis on proteins derived from lean meat or legumes and fresh organic veggies.

• In the morning, it’s important to activate your gastrointestinal system. Thirty minutes before breakfast or first thing in the morning, drink a cup of warm lemon water. This will help prepare your digestive system for the coming daily meals.
• Go out and exercise. The digestive process, circulation and peristalsis can improve vastly with light physical exercise, especially walking.

Beneficial Products

Green Super Foods – These types of foods can cleanse the body of toxins and balance body acidity. Green super foods are very rich in essential nutrition that nourish and restore normal cell function. They can be combined with meals one to two times a day. Spirulina, wild blue-green algae, alfalfa, barley grass, and chlorella are some examples of these useful greens.

Digestive enzymes – These enzymes can decrease metabolic wastes and boost the assimilation of nutrients. A full spectrum digestive enzyme is recommended to be taken with each meal.

Probiotics –Probiotic products are important in assimilating nutrients from our food and can create good intestinal flora. The last part is very important especially after you’ve been given antibiotics. Spore based probiotics such as L Sporogenes and B. laterosporus as well as Acidophilus can help destroy parasites and yeasts. Take probiotics first thing in the morning or before going to bed.

Treating Hormone Imbalance Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

The hormones of our body exist in a fragile state of balance with one another and it takes some skills to rectify imbalances. We need to take a closer look at our bodies’ messaging system, the endocrine system, In order to know exactly what we are dealing with. Later on, we will examine further how we can balance the female hormones with Chinese Medicine in order to treat the varied forms of women health conditions.

The Functions of the Endocrine System

The endocrine system of the body is a complex and fascinating thing to look at. It’s made up of a series of glands responsible for the manufacture and distribution of hormones. One of the body’s main messaging systems, the hormones coordinate the physiological activities of our body. Some people tend to see hormones as acting like a symphony conductor coordinating all the musical instruments to create a blend of harmonious musical sounds.

The pituitary gland and the hypothalamus are the most important players of the endocrine system. These two glands normalize the body’s other glands including the sex organs, thyroid, and adrenals. The pituitary and hypothalamus work together with various key glandular players to form multi-functional teams that serve to regulate or normalize extremely vital processes of the body. Listed below are the three major teams and their functions:

Pituitary-Hypothalamus- Adrenal (For Stress & Digestion)

This team is responsible for a number of diverse activities including energy, emotions, immunity, digestive function, and stress response. Issues with this team may manifest as alcoholism, emotional problems, insomnia, IBS, fatigue or other organ functional disorders.

Pituitary -Hypothalamus -Thyroid (For Metabolism)

This team is responsible for the regulation of energy use and production and metabolism. Any problems here may manifest as heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, emotional disturbances, weight gain, and fatigue.

Pituitary – Hypothalamus –Gonad (For Reproduction0

This team normalizes the male and female reproductive systems. When issues arise in this team, they may present as menopausal conditions, sexual dysfunction, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, and infertility.

Hormonal Effects from the Viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Chinese Medicine has a different perspective when it comes to hormones and their development. In TCM, the endocrine system is basically the equivalent of the Kidney system. The endocrine system is the system that helps maintain the functions of the central nervous system, blood, bone, endocrine, urinary, and genitals. The organ of the body that’s mainly responsible for growth, the body’s development, and reproduction is the kidney, which is also the body’s most basic energy source.

How Can Chinese Medicine Resolve a Woman’s Hormonal Imbalance?

If a woman suffers from a hormonal imbalance, she can try Chinese medicine treatment as it is an excellent option for restoring balance in the body as well as for addressing infertility, treating menopause symptoms, and regulating menstrual problems. Chinese medicine is also very effective in treating low energy, weak libido, stress, and mood swings.

Treatment starts with a thorough physical examination whose results will determine the Chinese medical diagnosis. The treatment proper will proceed from there. Each woman has a unique body and constitution and so the practitioner needs to devise a unique form of treatment that specifically addresses the patient’s needs. This approach is very different to Western medicine in which a certain health condition is treated the same with each patient. An erratic menstruation, for example, can be caused by multiple different patterns depending on what is going on with you and the constitution of your body. Chinese medicine practitioners will identify a patient’s unique pattern and treat it in a customized manner.

The plan of treatment usually includes a combination of customized herbal preparation and prescription and acupuncture treatments. Your practitioner will provide you with a good understanding of what your condition is, how he/she is going to treat it, and the number of treatments you will need.

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment Using Herbal Remedies

Chinese herbal medicine has been clinically proven to be extremely effective in influencing hormone levels in the body. An herbal remedy known as Rhemmania Six is a popular herbal treatment for menopause. This formula changes the female sex hormones by influencing directly the adrenal glands, adrenal cortex, or both.

The Rehmannia Six formula, from a biomedical viewpoint, has been reported to lower the levels of cortisol (the hormone that deals with stress) in the body as well as lower LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), increase plasma levels of cortisol (our stress-dealing hormone), and increase estradiol (a derivative of estrogen). It is also known to significantly elevate estrogen receptors. What does all of this mean? The changes in the hormones caused by Rehmannia Six indicate a restoration of hormone balance resulting in a decrease of menopausal symptoms.

Your practitioner will formulate an herbal remedy for you based on the symptoms you’re presenting. From the viewpoint of TCM, the practitioner would addresses imbalances related to the Kidney system. Your practitioner will concoct a formula customized for your body based on your Chinese medicine diagnosis. This formula is made up of powdered herbs that are usually mixed together to resolve both the underlying cause of your condition, which, in this case is the imbalanced hormones, and your symptoms.

Treating Hormone Imbalance Using Acupuncture

Your acupuncturist will focus on restoring balance the bodily systems that are unbalanced. This is done by imposing a powerful homeostatic effect using the hormonal and nervous systems. He/she will most probably treat any imbalances in the Liver and Kidney systems in order to balance endocrine function and sedate your nervous system.

You probably will be prescribed with weekly therapies at least until the symptoms have been relieved. Afterwards, a monthly treatment schedule will be recommended as maintenance treatments to prevent the recurrence of your symptoms.

Two Specific Chinese Herbal Remedies Used to Quell Anxiety and Panic Attacks

There can never be an experience as horridly worse as a panic attack. One cannot imagine the minutes or even hours of sheer terror a person has to endure. Doctors usually prescribe anti-anxiety drugs that, although, can prevent or lower anxiety, can lead to physical dependence and often dulls the mental state of the person. Chinese herbal remedies, on the other hand, can help reduce significantly the likelihood of a panic attack in a person without the risk of unpleasant and unnecessary side effects. Chinese herbal remedies can nourish a person’s mental and emotional state and establish a level of comfort in the body which prevents panic attacks from reoccurring.

A lot of medical experts believe that nervousness and mental exhaustion can make some individuals vulnerable to high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. To help nourish this nervousness and mental fatigue which should bring about a feeling of calmness and well-being, Chinese herbal medicine should certainly be used. Also, a variety of herbs are available that can contribute to a feeling of peace and calm, to help bring a person down from a panic attack.

For patients who have a panic/anxiety diagnosis, they most probably will be prescribed a light sedative by their physicians who most probably will refer them to a licensed therapist, in order for those patients to gain control of their lives once more. The drug may not be a permanent option as the therapist can teach them certain to techniques to relax their emotions, body, and mind. These practices can include deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and other passive exercises. Sedatives such as lorazepam (Ativan), diazepam (Valium), clonazepam (klonopin), and alprazolam (Xanax) are commonly prescribed. They may be able to help a patient get over from that disagreeable anxious state; however, these drugs are but a band-aid. What can help a person truly heal from frequent panic attacks or anxiety disorders are taking Chinese herbal formulas and the right supplements, proper sleep, eating nourishing and healthy foods, following a proper exercise program, learning new ways to manage stress, and making positive lifestyle changes.

The correct Chinese herbal medicine formula should have no side effects and will be able to treat panic and anxiety attacks. Benzodiazepines, on the other hand, can lead to nausea, loss of memory, light headedness, drowsiness, and when used in the long-term, can lead to depression.

An anxious person can also benefit from supplements such as magnesium chloride mixed with amino acids and B vitamins. These supplements can help reconstitute vital neurotransmitters involved in anxiety or depression and help nourish the nerves when taken on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast.

Natural Happiness

Having been around for millennia, Chinese herbal medicine has been used to resolve a lot of illnesses; therefore, it should come as no surprise, that there are herbal remedies used help to relieve panic attacks in people with a panic /anxiety disorder diagnosis.

The Rambling Powder herbal formula, for more than a thousand years, has been used to release tension and calm nerves. This formula was intended to generate the sensation of a free rambling spirit, going through life with ease, free from any tension. The Heavenly Emperor’s Heart Nourishing Pills is another Chinese herbal formula first documented in 1638. These pills has for centuries been used nourish the spirit whilst relaxing agitation and restlessness. This remedy was termed “Nourishing and calming one’s spiritual heart by the ancient Chinese. Isn’t that just how it feels in an anxiety or panic attack? The spiritual heart of the person is filled with agitation and the rug has been lifted up from under him/her. When the person’s spiritual heart and emotions feels nourished, calm, and grounded, anxiety can never arise. When these two formulas are combined, it can be a powerful treatment for panic attacks.

Chinese herbal medicine is based on the accumulated knowledge of over thousands of years. These formulas are created from 100% pure all-natural ingredients. They have no known side effects in most cases and Western medicine is at last starting to acknowledge their effectiveness.

Chinese Herbs Are The Best Treatment Choices For Psoriasis

A common skin condition, psoriasis occurs when cells quickly develop creating thick “plaques” on the elbows and other parts of the body. The plaques are usually enveloped with silvery scales. As a dermatology specialist and holistic practitioner, it is my belief that psoriasis can best be treated with Chinese herbs. Here are some reasons why I think Chinese herbs are the best treatment choice for psoriasis:

1. Chinese herbs are safe – If you have paid attention to TV ads for psoriasis drugs, you would notice a litany of side effects that can happen when you use them. Some of those effects can be scary, to say the least. These side effects have, in fact, been experienced by a lot of my patients and some of these side effects have been severe.

On the other hand Chinese herbal treatments have none, or at least, very few side effects. You may experience loose stools or stomach discomfort. And such mild symptoms don’t even last too long.

However, this is not say that “natural” and “herbal” will always translate to a safe treatment. If taken or used improperly, anything strong enough to heal you can also be harmful to you. It is important that the herbalist treating you has experience treating psoriasis and that the herbs he/she is using was purchased from a reputable Chinese drug store or pharmacy. You can ask the herbalist if the herbs do not have any fungicide or pesticide restudies or if they have been tested for quality. The quality of the herb is definitely something worth paying close attention to.

2. Treatment is customized – Treatment is often based on the magnitude of the psoriasis condition in western medicine. The more severe the condition is the stronger the medication will be prescribed. However, the seriousness of your psoriasis is just one among many factors taken into account In Chinese herbal medicine. This type of medicine is holistic in nature and therefore herbalists will look at your entire health profile. For them, important factors can include the appearance of the lesions, their itchiness, the parts of your body affected, your digestion, your appearance (do you look tired and old or vibrant or young?), and other factors involved such as stress, diet, smoking, or drinking.

Chinese medicine can identify the underlying patterns of imbalance of the psoriasis by observing the whole health picture of the patient. These patterns are specifically addressed by a specific customized herbal therapy, as these patterns evolve so too does the herbal treatment.

3. Herbs can be for topical and internal use – Psoriasis is manifested in the skin although it’s an autoimmune condition whose cause is really found within the body. To target the root of the condition, herbs taken internally are used. To treat the symptoms arising in the affected regions of the skin topical applications of herbal oils, salves, or creams are used. The most effective way to promote healing and attain longstanding results is by using a combo of topical and internal therapies.

4. Your internal imbalances can be addressed by a Chinese medicine practitioner. The appearance of your skin can tell a practitioner a lot about what is going on inside your body. Scarlet red lesions, for example may require certain types of herbs than lesions that are purplish in color. Different herbs may be necessary for white flaky scaling than those for thick yellow-brown scale. Specific herbs may be required for plaques on the knees and elbows than plaques on the scalp or in the armpits. Based on the appearance of your skin alone, an herbal dermatology specialist can identify the imbalances within your body.

Bear in mind that a lot of homeopaths, naturopaths, and herbalists are not experienced in the treatment of skin conditions. It’s very rare to find a holistic practitioner who has some kind of dermatology training. So, make sure you see a specialist regardless of how you choose to treat psoriasis. This specialist can spot the unique distinctions on your skin and know what to do about them.

Chinese herbs won’t work for everyone and there is no known cure for psoriases. Most of my clients experience striking outcomes with diligent treatment. The skin clears wholly with no further relapse for a lot of them. Hence, there exists a real great way treat your psoriasis without using potentially harmful medications.