Why Acupuncture is the Answer to Your Smoking Problems

Acupuncture is a very powerful form of treatment for a lot of health conditions. However, only a handful of people are aware that this healing modality which has the power to cure a lot of serious illnesses disorders is also powerful enough to help a smoker cease his smoking permanently.

The fact is acupuncture is a very good way for a smoker to successfully stop smoking. This is now being realized by more and more people through anecdotal evidence or by word-of-mouth. The most important thing, though for it to be successful is that the patient himself is willing to stop smoking. Acupuncture for the cessation of smoking promises a person prompt relief of his/her longstanding and habitual smoking habits.

Acupuncture treatment is based on the notion that the vital energy in every person’s body, known as Chi, flows throughout the body via 12 main energy channels known as primary meridians. The body itself has over a thousand acupoints wherein needles are inserted to address a specific condition. Occasionally, these meridians develop blockages preventing the Chi to flow as smoothly as it should.

This problem eventually results in chronic habits of which the habit of smoking is one. Acupuncture can be a useful tool for a smoker to wean himself out of his habit.

In providing the patient the benefits of the treatment, the acupuncturist sticks about five needles into the patient’s ear. Some needles are stuck into the ear cartilage and lobe while some needles are inserted into the patient’s wrists and hands. After all the needles are inserted into their proper points, the patient is left to sleep or relax for half an hour to a full hour. The needles are meant to provide the patient the means reduce his/her craving for nicotine.

Acupuncturists may follow a number of treatment methods when treating heavy smokers and severe cravings. The plan of treatment will only work if the person promises to undergo the required number of sessions to successfully become a non-smoker. These sessions are meant to mitigate the emotional and physical effects of the withdrawal that happen during the course of treatment.

A lot of patients are urged to go for herbal therapy whilst they are undergoing acupuncture. All that’s required is to apply a mixture of Sichuan lovage rhizomes, oil of wintergreen, evodia fruit extracts, and clove oils in the acupoints in order to get powerful and immediate results.

Besides curing you of your smoking addiction, acupuncture can provide other benefits as well. Patients start to notice that their cigarettes are not as pleasant to the taste as they used to and the cigarette smoke begins to smell offensive to them. These changes make the transformation of the patient from a smoker to a non-smoking person all the more quick and easy.

Using acupuncture treatment to rid yourself of your smoking habit also significantly lowers the innumerable side effects of nicotine withdrawals such as depression, anxiety, and the desire to smoke. The flow of blood in your body vastly improves with this treatment. The lungs are decongested and your mind starts to think clearer allowing you to develop an optimistic view of life.

Acupuncture is especially useful in patients who require emergency treatment for ending their habit. It can help you cease smoking within just a few days.

All these can be accomplished only if you avail yourself of treatment from a licensed and experienced acupuncturist.