The Acupressure Massage Technique To Enhance Eyesight

A 5,000 year old component of the ancient Chinese system of healing, acupressure is a natural healing technique that offers a wide variety of health benefits including among others, improved blood and fluid circulation, alleviation of stress, and relief of pain. It helps boost the flow of blood to all the body organs strengthening the health and well being of a person. This very old form of medicine entails the use of massage methods to specific pressure points in the body. Each pressure point is associated with a specific organ. Some pressure points on the hands, for example, are related to the heart while other points are affiliated with the kidneys. Thus, by administering massage therapies to the proper pressure points, a person can enhance circulation to that specific organ so that it reinforces his physical health. Fortunately, anyone can perform these acupressure procedures to alleviate eye strain and increase the health of the eyes caused by much close up work.

This article will talk about a type of eye exercise that anyone can do based on these principles. This eye exercises is known as the acupressure massage technique to enhance eyesight. The following is an explanation of how to do this technique coupled with the benefits it gives for better vision.

This procedure technique can be administered by massaging four important acupressure points surrounding the eyes.

First, press the upper part of the nose with both middle fingers for about five seconds and then release. Then, press the pressure point region positioned at the arc (the hollow of that bone) of both eyebrows with both middle fingers. Apply pressure to this point for five seconds and then release. Next, press the eye sockets’ outer edges (both areas) in a firm fashion and hold the pressure for five seconds then release. Then, finally, end the procedure by pressing the middle of both areas under the eyelids around the each of the eye’s bony sockets. Apply pressure for five seconds and then release.

Regularly performing these acupressure procedures can provide you with a number of benefits. It actually can help lessen tension, stain, and stress in the eye muscles. If you are using the computer for several hours a day and doing a lot of close up that causes eye strain, this becomes especially useful. From this viewpoint, the acupressure massage technique to enhance eyesight becomes quite useful and practical as it can provide eye strain relief related to extended computer use. Moreover, it increases circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes. And since many eye problems are associated with poor blood flow to the optical system, this becomes particularly beneficial.

Generally speaking, acupressure procedures are important components of the ancient Chinese art of healing that treats and heals various physical health conditions. They are done by administering massage techniques to pressure points that are related to specific organs to address health problems and conditions in those specific areas. The acupressure massage for better eyesight technique is a part of this ancient healing practice that boosts blood flow and relieves tension and stress in the eye system to improve a person’s vision