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Acupressure Weight Loss Treatment

For those struggling to lose weight, you may be desperate to find a method that really works. A lot of diet programs are ineffective and some are mere fad diets that stuck around just a little longer more than they should. Leave those useless diet programs behind for there is a truly effective way to lose weight. It is called acupressure weight loss treatments which are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that it simply works.

What is acupressure weight loss treatment?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese treatment that works the same way as acupuncture. The only difference is that acupuncture uses needles while acupressure uses mostly the hands, which make it more preferable for a lot of people. Pressure is applied on parts of the body that are associated with water retention and areas related to weight gain, like the intestines and stomach.

Coupled with exercise and proper dietary habits, the regular practice of acupressure can help you lose weight rapidly. In between your healthy lifestyle practices such as staying active and eating right, it’s important to perform sessions of acupressure to lose weight. You’ll be able to see results within day if you have a healthy combination of these things, more so if your body responds well to acupressure therapy.

It need not be so difficult to lose weight. You might even enjoy losing weight faster with acupressure treatment. You can go online and search for resources and books that can help get started on this very safe, effective, and very easy way to lose those unwanted pounds.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Treatment Produces Amazing Benefits

Obesity not only affects Americans. It is as global problem. However, in America, one third of adult Americans are obese and one in six children and adolescents are obese. Those are staggering figures and they reflect the unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices of Americans.

An individual with excess of body weight that is injurious to his mental and physical well-being is saddled with a condition that’s nothing more than an amplified weight problem.

Varied Solutions

The obesity epidemic in the US has led to a various range of weight loss solutions. One solution that has been practiced for thousands of years is acupuncture, an unconventional, alternative weight loss treatment that has been proven to work in helping people lose weight.

Acupuncture uses needles in its treatment procedures. The needles are thin and not the same as the ones used by doctors and nurses to inject chemicals or draw blood from the body. Ironically, acupuncture is a painless form of treatment that can help you lose weight by helping control your food cravings and appetite.

You may be perhaps positively influenced by several acupuncture weight loss stories of success that you may have heard or read. You may be even more inspired when you know there have been quite a number of clinical studies done that prove the effectiveness of the treatment in helping people lose weight in a natural, safe, and effective way without any side effects to contend with.

For over 2,500 years, acupuncture has been used by Chinese medical professionals to treat a wide variety of illnesses. It was not until the 1970’s though that the treatment became widely known to the American population.

More and more Americans are coming to realize acupuncture’s ability for helping a person lose weight.

During an acupuncture weight loss procedure, needles are inserted into a few of the two thousand or so acupuncture points in your body. Once inserted, the needles stimulate the brain and other vital organs resulting in the production and release of neurotransmitters that help relieve stress and anxiety significantly reducing your cravings for food.

The other organs that are targeted begin to function a lot better boosting metabolism and helping in the detoxification of the body. Acupuncture stimulates vital organs such as the lungs, liver, and kidneys. There is enough evidence to prove that it does in fact help people lose weight.

Acupuncture helps people lose weight by doing a number of things. They include:

• Reducing appetite
• Increasing the levels of insulin in the body
• Removing food cravings
• Relieving stress and anxiety
• Dispelling sadness and depression
• Increasing metabolism
• Improving digestive function

In menopausal women, acupuncture can also help lower their weight gain. It accomplishes this in a much faster way than any dieting plan can offer.

If you are tired of trying out weight loss programs that starves you to death or forces you to exercise unto exhaustion, then it’s time that you try a less stressful and safer procedure that can help you lose weight in a relatively easier way.

You will surely be surprised at the results you can gain from an acupuncture weight loss treatment program.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to look good and feel healthy once more, visit an acupuncturist now.

Easy and Effective Weight Loss Using Acupuncture Therapy

In terms of utilizing the healing power of nature, the Chinese turn to a healing technique known as acupuncture which dates back as far back as 2,500 years ago.

Acupuncture stands on an ancient Chinese belief that the body is composed of mystical streams of energy. In western medicine, this refers to our nerves that are all the connected to each other. The nerves of the toe may be beside the shoulder nerves. So when you stimulate the nerves associated with your toe, you also stimulate your shoulder nerves. Therefore, the stimulation of one nerve will mean the stimulation of another.

No acupuncturist worth his salt will tell you acupuncture is a miracle cure for being overweight or obese. What it actually does is that it targets the symptoms that may be contributing to your weight problem. This means acupuncture can help you lose weight easily and effectively..

One such symptom or factor for weight gain is stress. This has been determined to be a major reason for people gaining weight. There are individuals who are compelled to overeat when they are in serious stress; for them overeating helps reduce stress. With acupuncture, stress can be relieved helping the person control his/her appetite and helping him/her to feel relaxed and calm.

Ultra thin acupuncture needles are used to target specific acupuncture points in the person. This stimulates the brain to produces and release neurotransmitters known as endorphins to the bloodstream that helps the person feel relaxed and calm.

A person’s metabolism and digestive function can also be affected by the flow of endorphins in the bloodstream. When acupuncture is given, both the metabolism and digestive system can function efficiently, allowing the body to burn more calories faster.

When you first visit a licensed acupuncturist to help reduce weight, your acupuncturist will first evaluate your health status. Your pulse is checked as well as your tongue and abdomen.

Acupuncturists consider the mouth as an important factor if you want to lose weight especially if you’re a heavy smoker or an impulsive eater.

For people who still eat even if they’re already satiated, the acupuncturist will focus on the abdomen and check on the endocrine system in cases of weight gain combined with edema or water retention.

The spleen is targeted for treatment if the problem pertains to a sugar imbalance, the thyroid, for slow metabolism, and the kidneys for neural and hormonal imbalances. Besides traditional acupuncture, other powerful acupuncture techniques can be used including electro-stimulation. After they are inserted, the needles are left to stay in the patient’s body for around 30 to 45 mins.

The patient is also taught how to apply pressure again on the treated acupuncture points afterwards when , for example, the strong urge to eat or smoke comes back again.

Besides acupuncture, Chinese doctors also recommend Chinese herbal medicine as well as lifestyle and diet changes to help one lose weight. Stress relieving activities such as meditation, yoga and slow breathing exercises are also recommended to help better manage stress.

Acupuncture has been practiced for well over 2,500 years and it is a treatment that helps promote many benefits to health. The patient needs to be determined and consistent enough, though, to make this treatment work well.

It may not be some kind of a miracle cure for weight gain but acupuncture does help address the issues that are responsible for you putting on weight. This helps break the vicious cycle of eating too much because of extreme stress. Acupuncture helps bring about a normal flow of energy throughout the body for better overall health.