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Looking At The Use Of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine In Treating Thyroid Disorders

Have you ever thought about getting acupuncture treatment for your thyroid condition? Well, more and more people surely have, and they are paid with good results. Some Chinese medicine practitioners actually specialize in treating autoimmune disorders. The main modes of treatment of Chinese medicine for thyroid conditions are Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Let’s take a look at the thyroid and see how practitioners assist patients with thyroid disorders through acupuncture treatment.

Strangely, within the basic Five Elements theory of Chinese medicine (Earth, Wood, Metal, Water, and Fire), the thyroid does not have an element assigned to it. It instead is part of an energetic nexus between the heart and the kidneys.

The heart and kidneys form a vertical nexus within in our energetic bodies that’s essential for cooling the kidney Yin to prevent the Yang energy in the fire of our heart to blaze out of control that can cause us to overheat. When the heart has too much heat, it can lead to symptoms like tongue ulcers, irritability, rapid speech, and irrational thoughts to name a few. This nexus also provides a way for our heart Yang Fire to move downward to the Kidneys to warm them and furnish us with more willpower, sexual desire, and motive force.

When this energetic connection is broken, it can lead to either a lack of fire to warm the body or a lack of water to keep fire in check, oftentimes resulting in either Hypothyroid states (insufficient Fire, too much Yin) or Hyperthyroid states (excessive fire).

This broken connection commonly occurs in people living Western societies and usually is the underlying energetic precursor for people to deviate into these hypo or hyper energetic states.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture help contribute in the reconnection of this energetic disruption and may help in both reversing the syndrome in those where symptoms are starting to develop and the maintenance of health in those suffering from thyroid dysfunction.

If you suffering from a thyroid condition you may need to undergo weekly appointments for the first six to 10 sessions followed up with more treatments to help keep symptoms under control and maintain the results of the therapy. No acupuncturist worth his salt would promise a miracle cure and quick fix for his patient. What they offer is a complementary and alternative treatment that that is very safe and non-invasive. A good acupuncturist would always agree to work alongside his or her patient’s doctor or health care provider. So, if you if you want to know more about acupuncture treatment for your thyroid condition or to know if acupuncture is safe for you, talk to a qualified practitioner near your area at the soonest possible time.

In Chinese medicine, treatment will also involve food and diet therapy. Small diet modifications can result in major effects on moods and energy levels! Never downplay the importance of good, simple nutrition. Unless it’s really necessary, acupuncturists will never require their patient to make radical changes to their lifestyle; therefore, diet recommendations and restrictions will be kept attainable.