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How Acupuncture Scar Treatment Dissolves Scar Tissue

When you undergo surgery, the blood flow in the site of the operation is blocked and the nerves are severed. This lack of circulation can be the reason why you feel pain in that area. Acupuncture works by helping your nerves function normally, helping dissolve scar tissue, and bringing back regular circulation.

When nerves are cut or damaged it may lead to nerve pain because the nerves may not be working properly. This pain may feel like a stinging or stabbing sensation that feels like there’s a bee stinging you or someone is stabbing you with needles. This type of pain is the nerve’s way of telling you that it is trying to restore normal blood flow and circulation.

If you have a problem with post-surgery scars, acupuncture can be an ideal treatment for you. If you want to get acupuncture scar treatment, you may have to wait at least a month and ask your doctor if the treatment is right for you.

Post-surgery scars may develop as keloids and raised scars. A scar occurs because there is no circulation in that area and your body is unable to heal it as long as there is no blood flow there. The nutrients that can help repair a scar are contained in the blood.

Acupuncture scar treatment usually involves placing several acupuncture needles around the scar. The needles surround the incision spot; they are not placed on the spot scar itself.

Most patients find relief in less than an hour. All the tissues that get knotted up in surgery are eased up by the treatment. Surgery is a very difficult process that your body has to endure. To make the nerves function properly again the skin needs to be able to flattened out and heal properly.

The reason needles are inserted around the scar is because they pull the flow of blood and energy into the scar in order for the body to break it down.