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The Various Parts Of The Outer Ear Used In Auricular Acupuncture Therapy

The ear has different regions that can be located in an auricular acupuncture chart that also shows the other parts of your body. This chart is much more recommended than using a regular acupuncture chart that you can find anywhere online.

People who espouse the use of auricular acupuncture usually follow the methods provided by the charts. There is practically no reason to require the services of a body acupuncturist considering that you can find all the systems of the body in the auricular acupuncture chart.

Moreover, the use of needles, though important in body acupuncture, may not always be necessary when performing auricular acupuncture since the needle’s dull end or even a finger can locate the auricular acupoints that are needed to treat a certain condition. This is important if the ear acupoints are located on sore places of the ear.

The System

In order to diagnose the problem areas, you can even also use a toothpick to prick the important acupoints on the ear that are sore and tender to the touch.

When the important points are located, you can start to insert a needle into those points. You can use a thin sterilized sewing needle if you don’t have any acupuncture needle at your disposal.

After you’ve inserted a needle approximately two millimeters into your auricle or outer ear base on the ear acupuncture charts, you need to gently roll the needle between your fingers in that acupoint with the intention to rotate it.

Twirl the needle as long as the patient can endure the pain in that area. Believe it or not, this can help remove the pain that is affecting that area. You can also move the needle in a circular motion, if needed.

The needle may need to be stuck nearby the area and once more twirled twisting it in a circular motion till all of the pain is taken out of the ear.

Several of the body’s internal systems including the uterus, gall bladder, heart, diaphragm, abdomen, small intestine, large intestine, and bladder are all represented in the inner part of your ear near the ear hole as shown in the auricular acupuncture charts.

The tonsils, ankles, toes, knees, wrists, and fingers are all represented in the top of the ear. The outer part of the ear is where the energy channels associated with the elbows, spine, appendix, chest, and shoulders are found.

The ear lobe covers the energy channels that correspond to blood pressure, the teeth, eyes, tonsils, and mouth while the lower back, coughs, and headaches are covered by the back of the ear.