Resolving the Imbalances in Your Body that Cause Asthma Using Acupuncture Therapy

Treating asthma with acupuncture has been a practice used for thousands of years in China and other parts of East Asia. Even if modern medicine is able to effectively address the symptoms of asthma, and in certain instances, can even save lives, it still has no cure for this disease.

Asthma is more than the symptoms of breathing difficulties, sneezing, coughing, and wheezing, it also involves the other aspects of your body including your immune system which may be too weak ward of the allergens that trigger your asthma.

There are many uses to acupuncture including its promotion of general wellness. Acupuncture enhances the strength of your body to make it more capable to withstand the toxic effects of pollution. This multi-purpose treatment has been used for thousands of years and it is anchored on the principle that the entire body is electrically interconnected. Acupuncturists believe that diseases such as asthma are due to the imbalanced flow of “chi” (the body’s life energy) circulating throughout body. Chi flows through energy channels known as meridians and when a meridian develops a blockage, an acupuncturist is needed to identify the location of the blockage and then to clear out the blockage that will result in the resolution of the imbalance and the treatment of the condition.

It takes a licensed and qualified acupuncturist to be able to insert needles gently in the body to help restore balance and clear out the factors causing the imbalance. If done in the right manner, acupuncture can beef up the respiratory system to make the body more resilient to asthma attacks when the flow of energy is balanced, the body functions healthily making it more capable to combat disease.

A lot of patients will start to see results almost immediately after several rounds of acupuncture treatments. But if you want results that will last for a really long time, you need to regularly go for treatment until your asthma has been entirely cured. Acupuncture works best if it is used as a complementary treatment for medications.