Insomnia Cure With Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture and acupressure are two natural and alternative modes of treatment that can actually cure insomnia. These two forms of insomnia therapy are quite helpful in that they can provide your body with the much needed relief of pain and stress you may need to get to sleep faster. The very old Chinese healing tradition of acupuncture involves the use of small, extremely thin needles that are inserted into specific points in the body. Acupressure is a treatment similar to acupuncture but instead of needles, manual pressure is used to apply pressure on the acupoints to treat insomnia.

Through one or both these alternative forms of treatment, the underlying aim is to enable Qi, (pronounced chee) which is the life force of the body, to flow correctly all over the body. Acupuncturists and other Chinese medicine practitioners believe that when something ails the mind and body, a blockage has developed that impairs the natural flow of Qi. With the use of acupuncture or acupressure, the Qi is stimulated in the blocked area forcing Qi to break through and flow normally once more.

In order to take advantage of acupuncture this way, you will need the services of a licensed practitioner who has experience in treating insomnia. If you live in a large city, it will be easy to find a licensed practitioner in your area who can help you with your insomnia. Working with one will initially involve a meeting in which the acupuncturist will try to understand what type of treatment you need. Your acupuncturist will determine the underlying cause of your problem and treat it as well as the symptoms accordingly. This means prescribing herbs and identifying and treating the acupoints related to your underlying problem and symptoms.

Acupressure and acupuncture are both non-toxic and natural forms of treatment that help you get back to sleep. For insomnia sufferers who are considering getting these two types of treatment, it is important to seek out a licensed acupuncturist who has good experience in treating this condition. Curing insomnia will be only as effective as the professional who provides the treatment, more so when it comes to his/her level of experience in treating insomnia.