Five Common Errors When Treating Epilepsy

These days, a lot people are suffering from epilepsy throughout the world. And because of poor medical equipment quality as well as a limited understanding of epilepsy in the past, it was impossible to treat this stubborn and persistent health condition. However, recent medical studies have proven that epilepsy can now be cured. Unfortunately, a number of medication errors still occur in the treatment of this problem.

Error one: Believe in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Like some unscrupulous Chinese medicine practitioners, a lot of private clinics defraud patients by changing pills into powder. Due to assuming TCM is omnipotent, a lot of patients fall prey to such sleazy tactics. Patients should always remember that in the treatment of epilepsy, Western and Chinese medicine ought to be combined with each other.

Error two: Epilepsy is neither frightening nor incurable. There is no need to be fearful of this disease. In order to get better results, patients are advised to work with their physicians. In the treatment of epilepsy, they need to stay away from medication errors. In addition, they need to follow the advice of their doctor always.

Error three: Overusing surgeries. Surgery is only required for patients suffering from severe epilepsy. Also, an extremely tight requirement is also required during surgery. Unfortunately, most hospitals these days that aren’t qualified to perform these kinds of operations and are motivated by profit, carry out these procedures under the pretext of “eliminating epilepsy”. Undoubtedly, the impacts of the surgeries will be reduced eventually but more importantly, patients have to bear a heavy monetary loss.

Error Four: Do not take medications for a side-effect. A lot of patients don’t rely on anti-epileptic medications for fear of the adverse side effects that can harm their kidney and liver and can even result in mental retardation. Current anti-epileptic medications can have certain degrees of side effects and fortunately, these effects can be resolved and well controlled so long as patients use correctly these medications supervised by their respective doctors. Conversely, patients treating their epilepsy without drugs can result in the loss of a life skill, mental decline and a deterioration of their overall health.

Error five: In controlling epilepsy, a greater dose is better. In a desperate bid to control their epilepsy, a lot of people take a large dose when they increase the doses during treatment period or when they start taking the medication. Eventually this can result in more side effects. Patients should begin with a small dose and slowly increase their intake of the drug. To guarantee the best effect, drugs such as lamotrigine, topiramate, arbamazepine, and phenytoin should be initially taken using a minimal dose.