Biofeedback Therapy, an Excellent Treatment for Anxiety, Migraines, and Other Common and Not-So Common Conditions.

Making use of the mind to help regulate bodily functions, Biofeedback therapy sometimes entails the use of techniques such as SCENAR and other biofeedback machines. This therapy is a non-invasive and painless procedure.

Your biofeedback therapist connects sensors to your body and then closely monitors your bodily responses. The procedure itself is very relaxing and after treatment most patients end up feeling mentally, psychologically, and physically better than when they first entered the therapist’s office. Biofeedback therapy in New York City has a large number of clients of various backgrounds who come to the clinic for treatment of different kinds physical or mental illnesses.

What is Biofeedback Therapy? What is Its History?

The name may sound modern but in truth, Biofeedback has been around for thousands of years and has been used in a number of treatments during those times. One of the earliest forms of biofeedback therapy is yoga where experienced practitioners teach breathing techniques to help control their client’s physiological processes. After the Biofeedback Research Society was founded in 1969, studies immediately commenced testing the efficacy of biofeedback for biological functions such as stress, anxiety, relaxation among many others. Biofeedback is a method that advices and teaches patients to use their minds to enhance health and performance. Essentially, biofeedback conditions your mind to modify bodily responses in order for the body to heal itself, relieve daily stress, and alleviate pain. This method is taught by practitioners during biofeedback therapy sessions. And normally, the more you practice it and the more therapy sessions you attend, the faster and more easily the health benefits you will derive.

Control the Involuntary Responses of Your Body with Biofeedback Therapy

Our body performs involuntary reactions due to threatening or fearful situations, or when we are under severe stress or anxiety. Our heart beats faster and our blood pressure shoots up. Extreme emotions such as sadness, happiness, nervousness, excitement, fright or scare cause these physiological responses to occur. In New York and elsewhere, these reactions can be controlled through biofeedback therapy, which uses guided techniques on how to use your mind in order to control those responses.

Expectations During Biofeedback Therapy In New York City

At the start of the therapy, NYC biofeedback practitioners attach sensors to various areas of your body. Used only for monitoring bodily responses these sensors can neither stimulate nor shock you in any way. They provide the therapist with information about your skin temperature, muscle tension, and your brain waves. Flashing lights or beeping sounds are set off on certain readings during the therapy which may provide you the feedback that you need to modify your body’s response which may mean a change in your behavior, thoughts, and emotions. A typical Biofeedback session may last for half an hour to an hour or more. Your therapist will usually recommend more than one treatment. As you progress, this can make it much easier for you to control the physical parts of your body through the power of your brain.

Anxiety and Biofeedback Therapy

New Yorkers live in a highly stressful and fast paced life. With biofeedback therapy we can learn to control anxiety and remove stress. Our temperature and heart beat rise when we are highly anxious. Our body physically and automatically responds which may mean a rise in body temperature, and heart rate. Anxiety Biofeedback treatment may aid you in managing situations and thoughts that generated your anxiety leading to a physiological response. Some biofeedback techniques such as guided visualization and deep breathing can be used for anxiety treatment.

Migraine Biofeedback Therapy

Scientific studies performed as far back as the 1980’s show that Migraine Biofeedback Therapy has been proven to work for migraines. These types of headaches can be so severe and debilitating and unfortunately is experienced by a lot of people on a regular basis. Biofeedback can cut the duration, magnitude, and frequency of the migraines. Scientists opine that biofeedback is effective for people with migraines because this treatment improves the vascular system of the body in order to normalize body temperature and circulation. Biofeedback therapy can teach you how to decrease the frequency and severity of migraines as well as manage them.

Biofeedback Therapy Can Be Used for Other Health Conditions

For a lot of people biofeedback is a truly powerful treatment more so when multiple sessions are completed under the skilled supervision of a professional therapist. And besides anxiety and migraines, biofeedback can also effectively be an ideal treatment for various forms of conditions including stress, sleeping difficulty, asthma, hypertension, chronic pain, and chemotherapy side effects. Biofeedback therapy in New York is attracting more and more clients each day and is the home of experienced and highly skilled professional therapists. It is now being integrated as a complementary heart health and cancer treatment in some hospitals.

Biofeedback Therapy is Extremely Safe and Effective

We can safely say that Biofeedback therapy in New York is both effective and safe especially when a patient is under the guidance of a professional biofeedback therapist. Both biofeedback therapy for anxiety and biofeedback therapy for migraines involve the attachment of sensors into certain parts of the body and the monitoring of information. This approach provides you with the audiovisual stimulus you need to modify and normalize your body and its physiological reactions. One of the advantages of Biofeedback is its non-invasiveness. There are people who have had a lot of practice and are better able to manage certain conditions than other conditions. There have been some who discovered that they are able to lessen or stop altogether their intake of prescription drugs after multiple treatments under the supervision of a professional biofeedback therapist. Biofeedback can also be an excellent complementary therapy for people who are sensitive or allergic to prescription meds that they need to take for their conditions.

If you are into alternative noninvasive therapies, then biofeedback therapy in New York is a really good treatment highly recommended for you. It is 100% painless and it gives you the ability to learn how to control specific physiological functions including blood pressure, heart rate, temperatures, and the reaction of the body to pain by the use of your mind. You will be guided by a professional biofeedback therapist in New York City on how to use your mind to control involuntary body responses leading to pain, anxiety, and stress relief. Biofeedback is a complementary type of treatment deemed effective and safe which gives your mind the power to heal your body.

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