An Acupuncture Point Chart is An Important Tool in Acupuncture Treatment

The art of healing via acupuncture therapy shows that the treatment targets almost every system of the person not only one area of the body. Acupuncture has different forms that have been developed for thousands of years; some of the most popular uses for acupuncture include its use for weight loss, arthritis, for the treatment of infertility, and of course, for pain, body ache, and headache relief.

For patients who want to conceive, the most important question is “how does acupuncture treatment for infertility work?” This treatment makes use of the so called “pattern spans” in a person’s body. A chart showing the various acupuncture points in the body helps allow the tactical placement of the needles designed to treat a specific organ. If stimulated correctly, these acupoints in lead to the resolution of illness and pain and the general well-being of the person. For most women, acupuncture treatment for infertility works by significantly energizing their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects which are necessary in order to conceive and attain a healthy and problem-free pregnancy.

The infertile patient may resort to an acupuncture treatment for infertility when all Western conventional modes of treatment fail. Moreover, if the conventional modalities are unsuccessful, most reproductive health care specialists will recommend acupuncture; and more often than not, this powerful ancient treatment approach to conceiving proves still can be a reliable way for couples for realizing their dream of becoming parents. Many couple have already benefited from acupuncture infertility treatment even if the exact mechanism of how it really works is not fully known. Acupuncture for the treatment of infertility may not work for everyone and you need to try it to see if it works for you.

Using the Acupuncture Point Chart

To know where the needles need to be inserted to treat a certain problem, an acupuncture point chart may be used. Performing an acupuncture treatment may be difficult or even impossible without an acupuncture point chart. As a rule, a licensed acupuncturist is taught on how to read an acupuncture point chart. Oftentimes, this chart is not just memorized but is meant to be carried along.

There may be exceptional acupuncturists who may not need a chart in order to perform acupuncture, but for most practitioners, novice and experts alike, this chart is an indispensible tool for their practice. Furthermore, acupuncture treatment is more meaningful and more precise if it is done using this chart.

An acupuncture treatment oftentimes is done to balance the energy in the body. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that that when Qi is imbalanced, the result is the rise of physical, emotional, or mental problems. Once Qi balance is restored you can start living a normal life once more.