Acupuncture may be the only treatment you need to completely cure your psoriasis.

Frankly speaking, acupuncture was not used as a treatment for psoriasis during ancient times the reason being that psoriasis cases back then was a rarity. However, as nature and science have been unsuccessful in finding a cure for psoriasis, some sufferers have reported being cured of their psoriasis with acupuncture. This treatment has helped them alleviate the lesions and plagues of psoriasis; so, this natural and unique form of therapy may be worth a try.

There around 2% of Americans suffering from severe psoriasis while about ¼ of the US population experience mild to extreme type of this skin problem. Besides that, thousands of new cases are discovered year causing psoriasis to become a worldwide dermatological problem. Modern science still does not know what actually causes it but psoriasis is known to not only affect the skin’s upper layer, it is also suspected to be associated with problems in the immune system that allow certain cells to turn hyperactive resulting in the lesions and plagues that are the classical symptoms of psoriasis.

During treatment, the acupuncturist utilizes long thin needles inserted into the body at acupuncture points that lie on top of a series of signal paths located just underneath the skin that correspond to a problem area. The needles may not necessarily be inserted into the region where the psoriasis symptoms develops when treating the condition. Signals will be channeled through certain acupuncture techniques in order to treat the symptoms as well as their underlying cause.

The number of research done on the effect of acupuncture in treating psoriasis is very few. This lack of study, of course, does not help validate acupuncture’s ability to treat psoriasis. Furthermore, since acupuncture works differently from person to person, it may not follow the conditions set by western medicine in testing the efficacy of a treatment   So, unfortunately, acupuncture studies are often considered cases of trial and error in an attempt to treat a condition.

You may need several sessions of acupuncture treatment to be able to cure your condition and so, if you’re in a hurry to cure your psoriasis, then acupuncture is not for you. One of the best things about this treatment is that there are no side effects unless you have a fear of needles that causes you anxiety or makes your blood pressure to shoot up. You should know that there are acupuncture techniques that use small probes and mild electric currents instead of needles. These less invasive techniques are as effective as the traditional acupuncture needling technique.

If you have used all kinds of treatments without success, then it’s time to give acupuncture a chance. It may be the only treatment you need to completely cure your psoriasis.