The Similarity of the Meridians and Qi of the Human Body to the Meridians and Qi of the Universe

In 1999, Klaus Dolag performed computer simulations of magnetic fields in galaxy clusters. He discovered that these clusters were entangled in a huge web-like structure of filaments. Other surveys of the galaxy also revealed that structures corresponding to filaments mark the distribution of galaxies. This distribution verifies the simulation discoveries of Dolag and resembles a complicated spider’s web with a diameter of several hundred mega parsecs. Hans Alfvén, a Swedish electrical engineer and a Nobel laureate in Physics said that space is full of a network of currents in which momentum and energy is conveyed over large distances. These filamentary currents are where hot plasma streams travel through space.

Astronomers have now actually found out that there is a “universal web” in which hot gas travels through vast filaments stretching throughout the universe. This web was detected by astronomers using the Chandra x-ray satellite observatory. They saw that the filaments stretched millions of light years through space with one filament stretching through our own Milky Way galaxy. The astronomers computed that the filaments contain mass whose sum was five times greater than all the stars in the universe!

These Filaments are Invisible in Space

Interestingly, these filaments are invisible to radio, infrared, and optical telescopes because they are so hot. They can only be detected through the radiation they emit generated by the higher density ordinary matter that have collected and condensed within them. Scientists are able to measure this radiation and confirm the existence of these filamentary structures throughout the universe.

These structures are considered “dark energy and matter” due to their invisible nature. According to scientists, dark energy and matter are materials that make up most of the universe (99%)! These filaments are built by both invisible and visible ordinary matter working in concert in space, with dense junctions where galaxies gather resulting in a structure analogous to a spider web with water droplets dappled over it.

The dark matter is “exposed” because with the filaments are ultra hot gas reaching millions of degrees that has a natural tendency to expand and spread. A very strong gravitational field must exist that is able to hold these hot gases into the filaments pulling them into place. Scientists believe that only dark matter can do this.

Unseen Filaments Exist within the Subtle Biological Body

Annie Besant, a metaphysicist living in the early part of the 19th century said that during the development of a fertilized egg to an embryo, fetus and a finally, to a fully matured infant, “a single thread weaves a network of minute meshes that form a shimmering web of delicate beauty and inconceivable fineness. Unrefined particles of the bodies are built all at once within the meshes of this web. Prana, which in metaphysics is plasma of super charged particles, flows along these meshes and branches during physical life.” This web resembles the cosmic spider web complete with the plasma that coalesces to dense material such as the planets, moons, comets, etc. In the development of human life, this plasma represents the prana or qi that flows through the meshes and branches of the unrefined material eventually metamorphosing into the physical human body in its infancy.

In metaphysics, it is well known that filaments exist within our subtle magma bodies. These filaments or webs are known in Tibetan, Indian, and Chinese lore as channels, nadis, and meridians respectively. In Qi gong and Taoist literature, these filaments are called orbits and circuits. Qigong practitioners often talk about macrocosmic and microcosmic orbits. It is the microcosmic orbit however, that is the primary channel or meridian wherein particles are sped up in the relevant practices to transport energy throughout the subtle human body.

Plasma metaphysics also states that these channels are magnetic lines of force within the subtle magma (magnetic plasma) bodies. The energy flowing through these magnetic lines are called “Birkeland currents”. There is little doubt that the web of nadis or acupuncture meridians and acupoints (along with vortexes or chakras rotating within) of the etheric human body are small scale versions of the filamentous structure of the universe, with filaments interspersed with rotating galaxies.

In the book “The Body Electric,” author Robert Becker said that hundreds of small direct current generators similar to dark stars transport their electricity along the meridians, an internal galaxy discovered and researched by the Chinese for over two millennia. The creation of the acupuncture charts was done in accordance with the workings of nature; the meridians were known to conduct electric (energy) currents.

Mapped by ancient Chinese acupuncturists, the meridian system is similar to the arterial system that metaphysicists define as the “lower physical-etheric body” (which is an integral part of the bio-molecular –physical body). Just like the invisible cosmic filaments, these meridians are invisible to the human eyes and can be detected by the radiation they emit.

In a landmark experiment Pierre de Vernejoul , a French researcher injected a radioactive material into people’s acupoints and used a special camera to measure the radiation. He discovered that the radioactive material traveled along the meridians that correspond to classical Chinese acupuncture charts. De Vernejoul made other experiments in which injections of the same radioactive materials into lymphatic pathways, veins and random points of people led to similar outcomes. This indicates that the meridian system is a distinct and unique interconnected web of channels in the body. Several more experiments revealed that eliminating a meridian associated with the liver led to a quick degeneration of the liver tissue. Cells, organs, and tissues of the physical-biomolecular body seem unable to function correctly without the supply of energy from the lower physical-etheric body through the meridians.

The Human Physical-Etheric and Universal Bodies

In cooperation with the dark matter that shapes them, the intangible cosmic web of filaments is actually connected with the universe’s lowest energy physical-etheric body. Our eyes can only see the physical-dense universe, formed by its lower physical-etheric body. Astronomers believe that the unseen space filaments can only be detected due to the high density matter accumulating and condensing in these filaments. In the same vein, the unseen meridians in the subtle human body can be perceived only due to the radiation from radioactive materials injected into the meridians.

Filaments (meridians) are naturally formed by plasma in response to fields of electromagnetic energy within the human body (which plasma metaphysics believe is made up of dark matter). Magnetic fields guide these ionized particles into and within these filaments sped up by the electric fields – producing currents like the ones observed by Robert Becker.

In the same way that the universe’s lower physical-etheric body produces a network of filamentary currents integral to the large scale structure of the universe, the human body’s lower physical-etheric body creates a network of meridians (filamentary currents) crucial for the development of the physical-biomolecular component of a human being. This discovery is quite an achievement of Modern science although the Chinese already knew this as they have been studying these filaments for thousands of years.