Studies Reveal Tinnitus Cure with Acupuncture

Symptomatic patterns of ringing sounds in one or both ears can be resolved with tinnitus acupuncture treatment. However, researchers have noted that the ringing noise distinct to tinnitus is not solely auditory in origin. Some tinnitus sufferers may have the condition that is induced somatically or have a tinnitus that is associated with the muscles of the jaw, neck and upper back.

A remarkable case that was published in the journals of acupuncture talks about a 60 year old male who experienced left ear tinnitus. In hearing threshold exams, a 10dB difference was noted between each ear. The male stated that he experienced a radical improvement of his condition after only the initial session with the improvements lasting a number of months. Another case was about a female around 45 years old who at that time was suffering from tinnitus on her right ear but had no decrease in hearing. After just one treatment of acupuncture the ringing in her ears completely stopped.

Apart from these impressive results there is one case that talks about the systematic therapy of patients who all suffered from a condition known as chronic unilateral tinnitus. These patients were divided in half about hearing loss. About a quarter of the patients had intermittent episodes of tinnitus. The outcomes of the study reveal that a couple of the patients with normal hearing and one patient suffering from unilateral type tinnitus got better with acupuncture. The unilateral tinnitus and hearing threshold tests of these patients somehow indicate a tinnitus with a preponderant somatic cause. The patients who suffered from unilateral tinnitus coupled with unilateral hearing loss did not respond to the treatment.

These outcomes again stress the complex nature of tinnitus as well as the need for a plan of treatment that tackles a lot of the issues involved in tinnitus in order to resolve all the likely responsible factors. This way, one can have the best approach in treating your condition.