No Treatment Comes Close To Acupuncture When It Come To Treating Low Back Pain

One of the most unpredictable exquisite forms of pain a person can suffer from is pain in the back area. A lighting bolt of agony will be striking your back if you’re unfortunate enough to move the wrong way. Count yourself lucky if you’ve never suffered from it as there are about 80% of people all over the world who will suffer from back ache (usually at the lower back) at some point in their lives. The fact is, lower back pain is the number one reason why people see a health practitioner or a doctor. The bad news is there’s no one guaranteed treatment of back pain. The good news however is, over the last few decades, studies have shown acupuncture for the treatment of back pain to be one of the safest and best ways to help treat or even completely cure back pain.

The use of acupuncture for back pain has been supported by the medical community through research that shows it to be an effective and safe way of healing for back pain sufferers. Impressive outcomes can last as long as half a year and that is even without the adverse side-effects one usually expects with Western conventional painkillers.

While a lot of homeopathic therapies are perceived as nothing more than placebos, acupuncture for the treatment of back pain is seen in a much different and positive way. Several studies have consistently demonstrated acupuncture groups to enjoy longer and more quality sleep than groups treated with painkilling drugs or placebo. This reveals acupuncture to be a real remedy for people with backaches and back pain. In China where acupuncture has been used for thousands of years, a lot of surgery procedures use acupuncture as a replacement for anesthesia with excellent results.

When acupuncture is used for the treatment of back pain, it leads to the lessening of pain which helps the patient return to his/her normal functions, according to the illustrious Mayo Clinic. Treating back pain using acupuncture can also lead to another benefit: lower treatment cost. The service cost an acupuncturist charges for the treatment of back pain is considerably less expensive compared to Western painkilling medications. Both western trained doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners agree that acupuncture is a completely safe therapy especially when performed by a qualified and competent practitioner. It’s an extremely effective treatment for pain and soreness even if it’s not a cure for back pain altogether. Talk with your doctor for a recommendation if you are looking for a certified acupuncturist.

Statistics reveal that all people can suffer from back pain at some point in their lives even if no one hopes to experience this problem. If you’re suffering from it, it is wise to consider the number one treatment for back pain: acupuncture.