Curing Your Acne Problems with Acupuncture and Lifestyle Changes

Although acne is a really terrible condition that cannot be treated, there are a number of medical options you can try to mitigate this problem. However, you need to be very careful when selecting a plan of treatment for your condition. It is recommended that you first consult with your doctor who may examine you in order to determine what type of acne you’re suffering from. When this has been determined, he may recommend to you the best course of treatment for your problem. One of the best recommendations he may suggest is acupuncture. Unlike conventional medications, acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment that does not have any side effects and produces outcomes that are long-lasting and oftentimes more superior to these drugs. Conventional Western medicine considers acupuncture as an alternative therapy. It involves the use of extremely thin needles stuck in to certain body points in order to generate a self healing response from the body. This form of acne treatment is usually combined with proper changes in your lifestyle and diet in order to produce maximum results.

What to Expect From an Acupuncture Treatment

Before going for acupuncture for acne treatment, you need to take a closer look at the procedures involved. Being unaware of the procedure may make you surprised and uncomfortable during the treatment procedure itself. There are different techniques of acupuncture that a practitioner may utilize for each patient. The procedure may involve the use of a single technique or it may be a combination of various ones. Ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy) and hormone balancing acupuncture are the two most common techniques used to treat acne. A lot of acupuncturists believe that hormone balancing acupuncture is a much superior option for women because it gives extra benefits apart from the curing of acne. The treatment of cramping and mood swings during the onset of their menstruation is just some of the extra benefits this type of acupuncture can provide these women.

The Importance of Finding a Highly Qualified and Experienced Acupuncturist

Acupuncture can be very powerful and effective if done by a licensed and experienced acupuncturist. It is then imperative to get treatment from a practitioner who is highly experienced in the field of acne treatment. If you want to make sure that the acupuncturist you are considering for treating your acne is duly licensed, you can call the Secretary of State’s office to see if the practitioner has a license to perform such treatments in your area. There are states wherein one can practice acupuncture without the need of a license. If you are in a state where licensing is not a legal requirement, you may need to talk to a number of acupuncturists to ask about the experiences and qualifications of this specific practitioner. You can also be upfront with the acupuncturist and ask him/her to show you his/her credentials. You can also talk with past patients to know more about the practitioner.

The Need to Do Positive Lifestyle Changes

Adhering to a good lifestyle is a vital component of acupuncture for acne treatment. You need, for example, to avoid eating oily foods so that the skin cannot secrete too much oil that can lead to acne breakouts. Moreover, you need a bit of patience when deciding to go for acupuncture treatment for your acne. You may be required to undergo three to four acupuncture treatment sessions for the treatment’s effect to become manifest.

Acupuncture for acne treatment can be a great way to resolve acne for sufferers who don’t want to take medications or for those who cannot afford expensive laser treatments.