Can acupuncture help treat the disfiguring disease of psoriasis?

Can acupuncture help treat the disfiguring disease of psoriasis? Is psoriasis an inherited condition? Scientists are still searching the exact reason why psoriasis occurs although it looks as if most psoriasis sufferers possess a genetic predisposition to this condition.

Not all individuals with psoriasis manifest the silvery scales typical of psoriasis cases immediately. Some sufferers may initially show few and small pimples which can be the result of a skin injury such as a burn or cut.

Based on the observation of the associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Columbia University, Dr. Robert Walther, “There are instances when psoriasis starts out as a bunch of tiny pimples rather than the classical scaly patches of this disease. This frequently occurs when the psoriasis is triggered by a streptococcal infection like a sore throat,”

“In certain serious instances, the body may be vertically covered with a red bumpy rash or the patches can spread and run together,” Dr. Waither added.

Using acupuncture alone to treat psoriasis may not be effective enough to treat the symptoms although current studies have shown that acupuncture has some rates of success in treating this skin condition. Presently, many western medical practitioners are using acupuncture as an adjunct to conventional therapies. So if a person is suffering from skin irritations or allergies, he/she should talk about possibly combining a standard medical treatment with acupuncture.